Bankrupt 50 Cent is Building a Mansion in Africa

Remember like two months ago when 50 Cent declared bankruptcy and everyone made jokes about how he didn’t even have fifty cents? Well it couldn’t have been quite that bad, because he’s now getting ready to move into a giant mansion somewhere in Africa. He posted an Instagram video (why) of a gigantic pool and the back of the house, saying that he’s going to have the sickest crib in Africa.



Not to get all politically correct here, but Africa is literally huge, so it would be awesome to know, like, what country the house is in. Also, when was the last time 50 Cent released new music? The last thing we remember is that creepy AF video for Ayo Technology with Justin Timberlake. This is all irrelevant, but the main question is whether he’ll have to change his name to 50 Zimbabwean Dollars?


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