5 Winter Hats That Are Warm But Also Chic AF

It’s about that time of year when it’s officially cold as fuck. The struggle of wanting to look like the perfect balance of cute and slutty (while staying warm at the same time) is all too real. And obviously, once I’m home for night, there’s no going back. Boot and rallies are 100 percent for times when the weather is at least 70 degrees. As someone from upstate New York, I thought I was mentally prepared, but like every year, I most definitely am not. I somehow convince myself that I’m going to die of hyperthermia on my 10 minute walk to the train every morning. It’s fine though, I’ve already accepted my fate for the next few months. And by fate, I mean jeopardizing my appearance to dress as though I have no idea wtf fashion is. So long smooth, pin-straight hair, semi-revealing blouses, and block heels. Hello hat hair, prude turtleneck sweaters, and insulated boots. Scarves, gloves, and some form of hat are v essential to surviving the season (on the east coast, that is) so whether you’re a hat person or not, here are five hats to keep you from freezing this winter.

1. Hat Attack Chunky Rib Beanie With Snap Off Faux Fur Pom

Beanies are probs the most basic yet easiest style to pull off. Add a faux fur pom and you look like a cute ski bunny who literally knows nothing about skiing, but your latest Hinge boy def doesn’t need to know that. Agree to the adventurous date, but whatever you do, don’t actually hit the slopes and risk falling on your ass.

2. Hat Attack Wool Beret

Hat Attack Wool Beret

In honor of the rising 2018 trends, get a head start by sporting a chic French-style beret this winter. Hat Attack, who has the cutest effing hats, takes the classic look and adds a slouch fit to keep it low-key and trendy. It’s all made out of wool, so both your head and ears will steer clear of going numb.

3. Shop Betches 99% Dry Shampoo Beanie

If you want to keep things simple because you literally will only be wearing a hat three months out of the entire year, obvs choose an all-black beanie. You can wear it with your hangover outfit and totally use it to your advantage if you’re too lazy to wash your hair (uh, hi) and let everyone know it. The slouchy knit beanie folds to your liking so you don’t have to look like you’re about to mug somebody with this.

4. UGG Classic Wired Shearling Earmuffs

Yes, Uggs are sooo 2004, but they’re fucking comfortable af and cost like, hundreds of dollars so don’t expect me (or any other sane person) to toss them that quickly. For something super soft, cozy, and warm, pair these Ugg earmuffs with your favorite boots. They totally prevent hat hair (bless), and allow you to listen to your morning Spotify via an aux cord.

5. L. Erickson Convertible Cable Knit Cashmere Head Wrap

If neither earmuffs nor full-coverage hats are your thing, you can’t go wrong with a sophisticated cashmere head wrap. Your ears are definitely shielded from the cold, and your hair stays frizz-free and in place. Switch up the knot—or don’t, whatever—to change it from a bandeau to a classy turban.