5 Ways To Get Rid Of Cellulite Without Plastic Surgery

As Cady Heron once said, it turns out there can be a lot wrong on your body. No duh. In addition to man shoulders, awk hairlines, shitty nail beds, and really bad breath in the morning, there’s also every woman’s worst nightmare: cellulite. *Cue groaning and screaming.* While some of us may have it more than others, chances are pretty likely that we all suffer from it in one way or another, whether it be on our thighs, backs, or butts. Since we can’t have nice things like, ever, unfortunately burning Starbucks calories on the treadmill doesn’t get rid of the tragedy completely. Besides getting liposuction because some of us are still letting our parents pay our phone bill don’t have Kardashian money, here are a few ways to reduce cellulite on your own—none of which require a needle and are super easy, quick, and painless. Bless.

1. Dry Brushing

If your guilty pleasure is bingeing KUWTK while hungover every Sunday like it is for me, then you’d know that they use this remedy, too. You might look v weird doing this in front of others, so I suggest you don’t do in front of your fuckboy just yet. Dry brushing improves blood circulation which in turn, supposedly reduces cellulite. While your skin is dry, rub a brush (hence the name) on the areas that have the most cellulite for about five minutes. Shower afterwards to get the gross stuff off and keep this up daily before showering to start seeing results. Be sure the brush is made with natural fibers like The Bathery Dry Brush.

The Bathery Dry Brush

2. Ground Coffee Exfoliant

Turns out, our coffee addiction can be a good thing when it comes to erasing any evidence of cellulite. Since drinking coffee alone helps increase blood circulation, so does using actual coffee grounds as a scrub. The caffeine will tighten your skin while also plumping and hydrating it, so the appearance of cellulite is ultimately reduced. Opt for one like the natural granulated Babe Coffee Body Scrub.

Babe Body Scrub

3. Serum Eraser

Usually, using creams takes a million years to see obvious results. However, a treatment targeted towards cellulite such as Clarins Body Fit Anti-Cellulite Contouring Expert works like a charm just after a few weeks. Made from natural plant extracts, the cream gel lifts, firms, and smooths specific areas, like your hips and thighs, for visibly tighter skin.


Clarins Body Fit Anti-Capitons

4. DIY Body Wrap

I always promote apple cider vinegar for skin care, because although it may not smell pretty, it has literally never failed me. For a more DIY approach because we’re all too lazy to leave the house, mix this vinegar and water together. Rub on targeted areas and when you’re done, wrap the area with like, Saran wrap and place a warm compress on top. Watch an episode of This Is Us or whatever your current binge is, and remove and rinse. Repeat until that shit disappears.

Apple Cider Vinegar

5. Detox Smoothie

First of all, everyone loves smoothies. They’re the only things that make us feel better about not committing to our SoulCycle class, and like, they go great with alcohol. Win-fucking-win. By drinking a lot of Vitamin C, your body will eliminate toxins v quickly and improve your blood circulation—the key to reducing cellulite. A delicious combo of basically any (or all) berries, kiwi, and pineapple will speed up the production of elastin and collagen.