5 Trends From Last Summer You Have No Business Wearing This Year

New year, new season, new wardrobe. I expect you to repeat this mantra to yourself when you’re sloughing off the excess in your closet to downsize for this summer. It’s hard to believe that we’re already in talks of summer when it feels like spring just decided to shadily dip on us this year. First of all, mad rude and second of all, I’m seriously over wearing my winter jacket already. Despite how excited we are to dig out our high waisted shorts, floral rompers, and boho maxi dresses, it’s time to toss some these tacky and overrated last year trends to the side for good. As if you needed a legit reason to go shopping, here are last year’s summer trends you should most def not be wearing this summer and alternatives to splurge on instead.

1. Flannel

You’d think this was a given for many, but you’d be surprised. Contrary to what the temperature feels like on the east coast, don’t even think for a second that your oversize flannel or button-down plaid is appropriate—not even tied around your waist for whatever country music festival you plan on going to this summer. Wear that shit inside the house. Instead, consider going for this year’s trending gingham and check print.

2. Peasant Tops

Just, no. Absolutely fucking not. They’re hardly flattering and now, they just remind me of my grandma. Swap out the tacky style for flirty ruffled tops you can pair with mini skirts or jeans, like the one below.

Lover + Friends X Revolve Rebecca Top

3. Over-The-Top Boho & Fringe

I will have a special place in my heart for Vanessa Hudgens’ Coachella aesthetic for as long as I live, and refraining myself from buying gladiator sandals and fringe accessories will probs break my heart. The festival style we all know too well had its moment way back when, but has definitely become subtler in the new year. We’ll probs see a shit ton of fanny packs, low-key mules, and belted maxi dresses in place of overly boho pieces.

4. Skinny Jeans

But honestly, who is even wearing skinny jeans anymore? Clearly these are v outdated with the amount of mom, boyfriend, and girlfriend jeans retailers are shoving down our throats. This is only a benefit to us, because no one like sucking in all day long. Search for loose cut-offs you can still pair with slides, heels, and wedges.

Levi’s Wedgie High-Rise Jean – Rough Tide

5. Millennial Pink

This is not a drill. We’re actually trying to make millennial pink not happen this summer. The overly Instagramed color is being taken over by lavenders alike and the bold Gen-Z Yellow. Slowly, but surely, think twice before grabbing the pink and consider obsessing over the new and better. Whatever you do, don’t choose orange. Fucking duh.

Images: Ali Morshedlou / Unsplash; Revolve; Urban Outfitters