How To Plan The Best Bachelorette Party You & Your Friends Won't Remember

It’s happening. Your bestie is engaged and, naturally, you’re in charge of throwing the bachelorette party. Aside from the usual penis themed décor, tattoos, shirts, etc., there needs to be some legit shit planning involved here.

Obviously you have shit to do and not a ton of time to dedicate to planning this affair. Luckily, we’re here to help and have rounded up five activities and ideas for your bestie’s bachelorette to make it a super fucking memorable one:

1. Matching T-Shirts Or Tanks

We know it’s like, so contrived, but matching T-shirts or tanks are a great way to look chic, effortless, and cute one day of the bachelorette trip. They are also a great strategical maneuver—you’ll be less likely to lose a member of the group when they’re literally branded as part of a roving gang of drunken 20-somethings. Obviously we have a shit ton of adorable shirts and tanks to choose from, so let Shop Betches be your guide. This is a fucking must. I mean, how cute would you all be wandering down the streets of somewhere like Charleston or The Hamptons in “She’s Not A Regular Bride” tanks?! Everyone will think you’re cool.

2. A Scheduled Activity Or Class

A key element to every bachelorette party is planning at least one constructive activity so you don’t feel like a hungover burden on society for an entire weekend. Our personal rec? Sign your squad up for a boozy cooking class like My Cooking Party in NYC which offers everything from a Battle of the Brides cooking class (honestly sign me up, I’ll cut a bitch) to a legit cooking walk-through—which is super helpful if your bestie is about to subject her husband-to-be to years of frozen pizza and burned hot dogs. Plus, My Cooking Party classes have shit tons of wine and they’re the only cooking school in the entire city with a liquor license, so your decision-making just got a whole lot easier. Get drunk and pretend to be an Iron Chef or something. Besides, we all know you’re going to do the majority of the cooking in your life while buzzed.

3. A Fancy Dinner

Unless your bachelorette party is in Des Moines, there’s bound to be one really nice restaurant that like, requires you to dress nicely, not be loud, and drink in a classy way (i.e. shots are frowned upon). For reference, I went to The Pink House in Savannah and was super classy since I’d already blacked out and rallied from an earlier outing to Wet Willy’s (let’s not talk about it). The fancy dinner gives you all a chance to sit, relax, eat fucking delicious food AND THEN go be trashy.


4. Something Embarrassing 

Whether it’s a karaoke bar, dueling piano bar, or scavenger hunt, you have to do one embarrassing activity. The bride is like, required by betch law to embarrass herself and get free shots for everyone, so make sure something along those lines is on your list.

5. An Open Day

If you want to lay at the beach, lay on the couch and recover, drink in a pirate bar, float in a stranger’s pool—what the fuck ever—leave at least 8 hours of non-planned time on the itinerary. By Day 2 (especially if you’ve been going hella cray), you’re going to be fucking tired and will be IN NO MOOD to live your life by an itinerary. Be spontaneous, listen to the bride, and just go with the flow for at least one day.

Follow our rules and have a legit amazing bachelorette party.