5 Times Your Alcoholism Proved The Incredible Power Of The Human Body

From a health standpoint, drinking is one of the worst things we do to ourselves. This doesn’t pertain to the “casual glass of wine” that may or may not be heart healthy, but to binge drinking, which is the category you probably fall into if you’re fun. It’s the kind of behavior that includes shots and handle pulls on multiple nights a week, deathly hangovers and blank stares when your doctor asks how many legal drinks you consume in a night. “Ummm 2-20?”

We all understand this is not okay, but we continue to do it. Why? Because we survive. The body adapts. When you think about it, it’s pretty incredible how much our physical health perseveres despite everything we put it through. Here are the top five times your alcoholism proves the power of the human body:

1. When you flawlessly autopilot home after blacking out at the bar.

This is amazing. Think of the low level of operation you were functioning on at this point. Reread those texts. And you somehow managed to land in your bed? Well done, muscle memory. Bonus points if you woke up in pajamas and with a fully charged phone.

2. When you’re sipping on vodka like it’s water, because you’ve basically developed an immunity to poison.

You usually won’t even notice how impressive this is until someone less trained starts staring at you in horror. Not all bodies are built to withstand that many toxins, but those that do prove that we can handle a lot.

3. When your BAC is around a .2 and you still manage to have a pretty productive morning.

You’re somehow better at SoulCycle when you’re wasted?

4. When you start making funeral arrangements during your hangover, and then your internal organs miraculously start functioning again.

We’ve all been there. You’re thinking “Wow, I’ve finally done it. This is the end.” Until your liver, the little engine that could, pulls through against all odds. It’s truly stunning.

5. The fact that every Sunday you commit to a life of sobriety and by Tuesday night have changed your mind, because 48 hours is all you need to bounce back.

It happens every week. Even when we think we’ve finally exhausted all of our energy, the body always finds a way to recover. Cheers to that!


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