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5 Things You Never Noticed About ‘Friends’

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: Friends is a great show and was actually pretty progressive given that it was made in the 90s (multiple interracial relationships, a baby out of wedlock, surrogacy, etc.). And while that important thesis is not in any way material to the topic at hand, I just want David Crane and Marta Kauffman to know they’ve still got hitters out here. In any case, even if you call yourself a diehard Friends fan, I doubt you know everything there is to know about this show. And I say that because I was browsing Reddit, as I do, and came across a thread on AskReddit that asked people to reveal the biggest plot holes they’ve noticed in beloved TV shows and movies. One of the comment threads was exclusively about Friends, and let me tell you, my mind was blown, So here are 5 things you never noticed about Friends. I know, I know, no one told you life was gonna be this way.

The One With Bruce Willis


The main actor from Chandler and Joey’s favorite movie comes walking into Central Perk one day to meet Ross, who is dating his daughter, Elizabeth. Except, he’s not the main character from their favorite movie, he’s Paul. In his three-episode cameo, he also is Rachel’s boyfriend. Hmm. However, a later comment in the thread suggests that this is less sloppy writing and more a running gag. Initially, there’s a joke where Chandler says, “You look like the guy from Die Hard… Hans Gruber!” (Not Bruce Willis’ character—see what they did there?) And later on in the series, Winona Ryder is on Ross’s “hall pass” list, only to show up as a character later on in the series. So yeah, I think on this one the writers knew what they were doing. Still, I never noticed it.

The One With Joey’s Hot Roommate


While Joey may be oblivious to life, there’s no way he’s THAT f*cking stupid. He talks about Elle MacPherson the way Pete used to talk about Ariana, and one day she magically just moves into his apartment. MacPherson plays Janine LeCroix, Joey’s Australian roommate turned-love-interest for five episodes. And if you need more evidence that these are all just a series of Easter eggs, look no further than this comment…

The One With All The Celebrity Cameos


Holy sh*t. Mind blown. You gotta expand the whole comment to really grasp the full depth of the errors here. (I know, I know, Reddit seems scary and old-looking, but try it. You’ll like it.) So the celebrity cameos: not plotholes. The birthdays? HUGE plotholes. HUGE. If I didn’t have a full-time job I’d go back and re-watch the series to confirm these, but alas, I have a career.

The One With Estelle’s Side Job


I’d like, for a moment, to exist in a world where both scenarios could be true, and the casting agents didn’t just get lazy. Picture this: Before Estelle was Joey’s super shady chain-smoking agent, she was a maternity ward nurse. Estelle gets caught stealing Oxy from the hospital and goes into a traumatic tailspin, ending up as a failed talent agent whose only clients are a guy who eats paper, and Joey Tribbiani. I mean, weirder things have happened. I can see how this casting choice would happen, though. Estelle only appears in nine episodes, not including her nursing stint and the time Phoebe imitates her on the phone.

The One Where Rachel Forgets Chandler


Not to mention, Rachel met Chandler when she and Monica visited Ross at college! This was like, a huge deal. I really do struggle to believe Rachel wouldn’t remember Chandler from Thanksgiving, too. She knew Chandler’s comment at Thanksgiving was basically the whole reason Monica decided to lose weight (which is problematic in and of itself, I know Friends isn’t perfect, so don’t @ me). I know Chandler changed the bad hair, but he pretty much looked the exact same as college. This doesn’t add up.

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