5 Super Cute, Ridiculously Cheap Amazon Fashion Finds

I love quality fashion. I love even more not paying very much for good quality. It’s rare feat to find items that are cheap but also amazing, which is why I almost never shop at places like Forever 21 anymore. I’m sick of ill-fitting clothes that rip immediately. That said, I am in very serious relationship with Amazon, specifically Amazon Prime. It’s my favorite thing in the entire world, and now I don’t understand when I have to wait longer than two days for anything. It’s the absolute best. If you’re not aware, their fashion is actually pretty on point. You can get high quality brands like Kate Spade (RIP) and Wildfox or find these rando brands that are super cheap but still quality. Here are my favorite finds from Amazon fashion that are have-to-haves.

1. Your Go-To Leggings

I am a leggings connoisseur. I own no less than 25 pairs of almost identical black leggings, ranging in price and quality. However, they all fit differently—some are too thick, some attract dog hair, some give me love handles… I’m realizing I need to clean out my closet as I write this. But my absolute favorite leggings right now are these $13(!!!) high waisted ones from Amazon. Which I’m annoyed by, because I definitely paid $17 for them. Anyway. They’re soooo soft, make me look way thinner than I am, and are completely opaque. I want to live in them and I’m going to buy a few more pairs right now. And they come in 22 colors.

Image result for Sejora Satina High Waisted Leggings - 25 Colors - Super Soft Full Length Opaque Slim

Sejora Satina High Waisted Leggings

2. The Perfect Bralette

Women who don’t know the magical wonder that is Amazon fashion are paying $30+ for these super trendy bralettes at Urban Outfitters. Get them on Amazon for $10 instead—they’re the exact same fit and quality. They’re super comfy and also come in 20+ colors! You can find a whole bunch of other fits if the halter isn’t your thing, but whatever you do, don’t pay so much for these ever again!

Image result for Ted Noah Halter V Neck Flora Lace Un-Pad Bralette Top Sheer Bra Bustier Crop Wireless Lingerie

Ted Noah Halter V Neck Flora Lace Bralette

3. Basic Bodysuits

Bodysuits are the “it” item right now, thanks to a woman you may have heard of named Kim K. But they are so easy, comfortable, great for layering, and make you look thin with their Spanx-like effect. You can pay $90 for bodysuits from Nordstrom, or pay $13.99 on Amazon.

Image result for SUNRO Women's Sexy Scoop Neck Bodysuits Jumpsuits

SUNRO Women’s Sexy Scoop Neck Bodysuit

4. Trendy Sunglasses

Literally everyone had these sunglasses for a while, some from brands that were really expensive. However, I got mine from Amazon, and literally no one ever noticed the difference. Plus I took them to Cabo and scratched them and broke them a tiny bit. So then I just bought another pair because they are only $13!

Image result for SojoS Cat Eye Mirrored Flat Lenses Street Fashion Metal Frame Women Sunglasses SJ1001

SojoS Cat Eye Mirrored Flat Lenses Street Fashion Metal Frame Women Sunglasses

5. The Bathing Suit That Looks Good On Everyone

My roommate bought this bathing suit last year, and it is so cute. If you haven’t seen this suit yet, it’s a miracle worker. One piece suits are super in, but you don’t need to pay a huge amount for one that is both cute and flattering. This one is high waisted so it hides your tummy and the top straps are adjustable, so even if you have a super weird body type (hi), this suit will fit well on you. It also comes in a ton of different patterns and is only $25!

Image result for COCOSHIP Retro One Piece Backless Bather Swimsuit High Waisted Pin up Swimwear(FBA)

COCOSHIP Retro One Piece Backless Bather Swimsuit High Waisted Pin up Swimwear

Images: Sharon Garcia / Unsplash; Amazon (5)
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