5 Products To Make Your Hair Grow That Actually Work

When you live in a society where celebs with waist-grazing hair extensions are promoting gummy bears that claim to make your grow up and down your Instagram feed, it’s hard NOT to think about how to get thicker, longer hair. So whether your hair seems to be thinning or the last hair stylist made you look like Kate Gosselin when you wanted a Lucy Hale bob, we’ve rounded up the best hair growth supplements for you to try that aren’t SugarbearHair gummies.

To Promote Topically:

Evolis Promote Activator

evolis promote activator drops, best beauty products at target

Courtesy of Evolis

If you’re not into swallowing horse pills, Evolis’ hair activator drops are your way to go. The drops are the “Promote” step in the brand’s three step Reverse, Promote and Prevent collection which, well, reverses hair loss, promotes hair growth, and prevents future hair loss and breakage. You simply apply the drops to the scalp twice a day (on wet or dry hair) and within about two months (or by the end of the bottle, whichever comes first) you should see hair length and thickness accelerate by about 20%.

To Promote From The Inside Out:

OUAI Thinning Hair Supplement

ouai thinning hair supplements, best hair growth products

Courtesy of Ouai

Mane Master Jet Atkin created Ouai Thin Hair Supplements to give you the most luscious locks in about 90 days. The supplements are packed with Biotin, Silica, Ashwagandha, and amino acids so you just pop one a day and watch as your hair becomes thicker, shinier, and less prone to breakage.

To Revitalize & Promote:

OGX Detoxifying Pomegranate & Ginger Scalp Toner 

ogx pomegranate and ginger scalp toner, best hair growth products

Courtesy of OGX

If you didn’t already know, major build-up on the scalp can stunt your hair’s growth, but it can also cause you to experience hair loss. So if you use dry shampoo like a psycho and try to avoid washing your hair at all costs, you definitely need OGX’s detoxifying pomegranate and ginger scalp toner. It rids the root of your hair of excess build-up, cleanses the hair, and balances the scalp to promote growth.

To Protect & Promote:

The Mane Choice Healthy Hair Growth Regimen Kit


the mane choice healthy hair kit, the best hair growth products

Courtesy of The Mane Choice


The Mane Choice’s five step hair growth kit has just about everything you could possibly need to get your strands to grow. The kit contains Manetabolism Plus, Multi-Vitamin Scalp Nourishing Growth oil, Easy On The Curls Shampoo, Easy On The Curls Conditioner, Soft As Can Be 3-In-1 Co-Wash, Leave In, Detangler and Green Tea & Carrot Deep Strengthening & Restorative Mask Treatment to create a regimen to restore the hair’s health, promote growth and prevent breakage. I know that was a lot to take in at once, but just trust me. It works.

To Replenish & Promote:

Seven Haircare Satara Opti Biotin Supplement

seven Satara Opti Biotin Supplements, best hair growth products

Courtesy of Seven

A biotin supplement that has proven results within just seven days, Seven Haircare’s Satara Opti Biotin Supplement might be the quickest option on our list to longer, fuller hair. The supplement was created using vitamin b7, which serves as the key for metabolism, and Biotin. Two vitamins a day will help to process amino acids, which serve as the building blocks of protein which hair and nails depend on.

Images: Kyle Smith / Unsplash

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