5 New Resting Bitch Faces For Fall

With Fall right around the corner it’s time for a wardrobe update, and what better way to start than by trading in the one look you’ve worn all summer: your resting bitch face. After months of sporting your customary glare toward anyone who crosses your path, a new expression to make your acquaintances feel judged is simply a must for revamping your personal style. There are plenty of fresh looks to choose from, and we’re bringing you the five chicest styles to try this season so you can feel great despite looking absolutely miserable. 

North West Starting to Realize Shit

North West Resting Bitch Face

North West turned three this year, which means she’s currently in the early stages of grasping the media dynasty she’s been born into and she’s already over it. “So my life is the intellectual property of Ryan Seacrest for the next 45 years? Cool. I’ll guess I’ll just start on botox now then. And no, Mom, I don’t want a signed copy of Selfish.”

Martha Stewart Thriving Post-Prison

We all know Martha can dress up a kitchen like nobody’s business, but she can also make you cower in fear with her prison-hardened wisdom and general lack of fucks given. She already won Twitter this year when she publicly announced that she had no idea who Jonathan Cheban was and then followed that experience by getting a front row strip tease from Jason Derulo. While she’s not afraid to have fun, Martha’s also been through some shit which means her signature bitch face is very strong and in vogue this season.

Locker Room Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps Game Face

Michael Phelps is indisputably the greatest Olympian ever, and he didn’t become so successful by smiling all the time and asking his competitors how their day was. His locker room look from the Rio Olympics is some of the most innovative RBF we’ve seen in years and has great utility for a Monday morning when you want everyone around you to know that if they speak to you they may cease to exist as a result.

The Entire Bernie or Bust Crowd

Bernie or Bust

No one has been more upset about anything ever than the avid supporters of Bernie Sanders’ 2016 presidential candidacy. They pouted throughout the entire DNC and will presumably keep pouting until Bernie gets elected, which I guess means they’re going to be in a bad mood for the rest of their lives. We really love the commitment here, and of course another upside of this RBF is that it’s fair-trade, organic, and eco-friendly.


Eleven Stranger Things

If you haven’t seen Stranger Things on Netflix then what are you even doing with your life? This was the runaway hit of summer television and features a young girl named Eleven played by 12-year-old British actress Millie Bobby Brown. Her character has telekinesis in the show, aka she can move things with her mind, and she scares the shit out of everyone even though deep down she’s very sweet. It’s basically everything you could want in an RBF minus the actually being nice part, which easily makes it one of our favorites for fall 2016.


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