5 Must-Have Leather Jackets Under $100

Most of us aren’t rolling in cash, but if you are, congrats. Also, not totally sure why you’re reading an article about leather jackets under $100 but hey, appreciate the read. For the rest of us, there’s tons of articles out there about the 500 things we need for fall (#realtalk probs half of those are written by me, lol). But, in all reality, if there’s one thing you actually DO need for fall, it’s a leather jacket. Faux leather of course, don’t go calling PETA on me, please. A faux leather jacket makes every outfit instantly cooler, plus it offers that perfect extra layer of warmth for all your fall festivities (i.e. pumpkin picking, hayrides, blacking out on ciders). Obvi I recognize not all of us have the funds to go blow bills on designer leather jackets, sooo I’ve found several options for you that look just as stylish but are a lot less pricey. Here are five styles of leather jackets under $100.

1. Traditional

For those less fashion savvy, you’ll want to get yourself a traditional, classic black leather jacket. Like I said before, it will pair well with all your outfits and make you look supes chic and stylish. Keep the look classic with some dark denim or ripped boyfriend jeans. Or, make it weird and go leather-on-leather by pairing it with some aggressive leather pants. Really, the choice is yours.

BLANKNYC Faux Leather Jacket ($98)

2. Moto/Biker

The key to wearing a biker style leather jacket is to not look like a hardo Harley Davidson fanatic. You want to look chic and stylish, not like a Riverdale Southside Serpent. (Although, it does seem to be the cool thing to be in Riverdale these days.) Anyway, pick one with some quilting, hardware, or extra buckles for an edgier twist on a traditional leather jacket.

Topshop Leather Look Biker Jacket ($95)

Zara Leather Look Biker Jacket ($69.90)

3. Cropped

A cropped leather jacket looks super cute with a mini dress or fall floral maxi. It adds season appropriateness to your mini dress and an element of edginess to your otherwise super girly floral maxi. Basically, it’s a great option to add variety to your fall looks and more wearability to your current wardrobe.

UO Faux Leather Cropped Moto Jacket ($99)

4. Work Appropriate

Yes, you can wear a leather jacket to work without Karen in HR thinking you do some weird BDSM sh*t as your side hustle. Pick a structured leather jacket like this one, which works great for spicing up your drab 9-5 ensemble. You can also even wear it on the weekends with a bodysuit and ripped jeans for a casual downtown-cool look. Get you a leather jacket that can do both!

Emory Park Tailored Jacket in Faux Leather ($72)

5. Statement

A statement leather jacket, like this red one from Zara, radiates confidence and makes for a great first date jacket. It’s like, not only am I going to look edgy and cool in a leather jacket, but I’mma do you one better and look hot af in a red one. It basically “makes” an otherwise boring outfit, and is sooo much less basic than a standard black one.

Zara Faux Leather Zippered Jacket ($69.90)

So if you’re trying to get into the leather jacket game, I just gave you five relatively affordable options to do so. And look, I know I tell you like, everything is a fall essential, but a leather jacket actually is, so get yourself one of these aforementioned five amazing styles ASAP.

Images: tyler nix / Unsplash; Zara (2); Urban Outfitters; Topshop; Nordstrom; Asos
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Shannon McCormick
Shannon McCormick
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