The 5 Most Annoying Girls at the Bar

While betches love clubs and bars, that doesn't mean they don't come with their own annoyances. Be it having to be in uncomfortablly close proximity to the occasional povo or having to deal with creepers who won't stop harrassing you, a bar can sometimes be an uncomfortable space. But nothing kills our vibe quite like a run in with one of the following losers. Let's take a look.

The Fairness Police

This girl is the enemy of cutting lines. Since betches are extremely well connected, it’s not uncommon that we get to head straight into the bar before the nice girls waiting outside can say “vodka cranberry.” The FP is the girl who starts bitching out the bouncer for letting you cut. If you stand around long enough, you’ll probably see her get kicked out of the line which is fucking hilarious. Whatever, fairness police. In the wise words of Chris Brown, I don’t see how you can hate from outside the bar if you can’t even get in.

The Puke and Rally

We get it. Your word vomit turned into actual vomit, but even so, you need to go the fuck home. There’s nothing more annoying than seeing the girl you just heard throw up in the stall next to you go grab more drinks like nothing happened. You are an accident waiting to happen and no one, not even that bro you were making out with, wants to deal with your vom breath. 

The One who Thinks She’s Hot as Shit

At every bar/ club/ party there is always one girl who thinks she is the hottest thing to ever set foot in there…even though she’s just, like, not. You can spot her by her embarrassingly sexual dance moves and failed attempts to flirt with every guy around. She’s probs wearing a crop top she definitely cannot pull off.  You wonder whether she has any dignity, or like, owns a mirror.

The Spiller

The worst person at the bar. She’s the girl who backs into you, spills your drink, and then laughs about it like a fucking bitch. Jokes on her though. Vodka soda’s don’t stain, but the vodka cran your bestie’s about to “accidentally” spill on her definitely will.

The Judger

She’s the bitch giving you and your besties the stink eye from across the room. Why show up to the bar if you’re going to be sober? Also,when I dress up like a frigid bitch, I try not to look so constipated.


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