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5 Holiday Party Themes That Are Way Better Than 'Ugly Sweater'

Holiday parties are usually great. There is always alcohol and general merriment. However, I am incredibly sick of going to the same parties year after year. Like, sorry, Ugly Sweater Parties were super original 10 years ago, and now it’s basically a holiday requirement. Also? Ugly sweaters are just what I wear now in the winter. So every day is ugly sweater day for me. I’m also over Winter Wonderland, masquerades, and formal attire. Before you choose the most generic holiday parties possible, or God forbid, a party where you make your guests do a craft, try some of these more original and way more fun holiday party themes for your party this year.

1. Après Ski

How I long to be the kind of person that goes on luxurious ski trips and wears obnoxious chic af matchy outfits while getting hammered at the lodge and not skiing. Since I decided to become an artist/writer/broke person as a career, it’s probably not going to happen anytime soon. The sacrifices I make for you people. However, you can totally throw a Après Ski holiday party, where everyone dresses in gorg ski lodge attire. Think cute jackets, matching hats and scarves, fur (fake of course, unless you hate animals, in which case die), and trendy snow boots. You can live your ski bunny dreams to your fullest potential without actually having to freeze your ass off on the slopes all day or pretending to enjoy activities. Don’t forget to serve boozy hot chocolate.

2. Cozy Night In

Instead of having your poor guests wear too-tight holiday dresses and three pairs of Spanx while still sucking in for every photo, have a cozy holiday party. Everyone can wear their warmest flannel PJs or onesies, throw blankets all over the floor, and play holiday movies. You can make warming alcoholic beverages like hot toddies and have a bunch of different popcorn and cookies. It’s easily the best way to hang out with your friends when it’s cold outside and you get to wear fluffy socks instead of stilettos.

3. Anti-Holiday

Maybe it’s because I’m actually The Grinch IRL, but I love the idea of having an anti-holiday party. Everyone must wear black and all decorations must be a “ruined” version of a holiday one, i.e., UV Christmas lights, incorrect animals as reindeer, etc. You can play horror movies in the background and have cute anti-cheer beverages. Everyone gets hammered and complains how much we all really hate the holidays. Think Jessica Biel’s I Hate Valentine’s Day party in Valentine’s Day.

4. Tropical

If you really want to show off your pale winter bod, have a Hawaiian themed holiday party. Prepare to blast the heat in your apartment and have everyone wear beach attire. You need some use of your bikini even though it’s December, right? You can serve tropical drinks and play island music and pretend you’re not living in a place with weather.

5. Post-Holiday Drunch

This is my personal favorite of the holiday party themes. Throw a holiday recovery brunch. Everyone gets drunk and bitches about how insane their family is. As a person that comes from an extremely crazy family, I need this, guys. Pretty much everyone has some drama around the holidays, so nursing your hangover with mimosas and comparing war stories is not only super entertaining, but will make you feel so much better. Who even cares that your ex got engaged when you’re commiserating with friends?

It’s fine, guys, I’m fine.

So when you’re planning on making all your friends dress up and come to your place to get shitfaced, try one of these holiday party themes that you haven’t seen on Instagram for the past five years.

Holly Hammond
Holly Hammond
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