5 High Waisted Swimsuits That Will Make You Feel Instantly Confident

I think I speak for most people when I say shopping for bathing suits is the fucking worst. Like, worse than running the mile in high school or getting assigned group projects in college. The only pro I can find for this summer’s shopping spree is that there are (thankfully) some cute af trendy styles that can only make you look good. Yes, the impossible is possible. This, my friends, would be called high waisted swimsuits. Everyone knows high waisted anything looks fucking great like, all the time. Jeans, leggings, skirts—you obviously get the point. Who needs to cut out vodka and pasta for summer when high waisted swimsuits make you look five pounds slimmer without you exerting any energy? Bless. Here are five styles that will make you instantly feel like the hottest betch at the beach (which you are, obvi).

1. Tularosa Jules High-Waist Bottom

All hail coral everything in the summer. With this high waisted style, you’ll have your wine bloat tucked in *and* look perfectly bronzed without needing any sun at all.

2. ASOS River Island Longline Triangle Bikini

Black is obviously v slimming as it is, so when you put it on high waisted swimsuits, you’ll officially have an Insta fitness model bod without putting in the work for it. Sounds great to me and my nightly consumption of my weight in pasta. I literally see nothing wrong with this scenario.

3. J. Crew Gingham Underwire Bikini Top 

I don’t make the trends, I just share ’em. If gingham isn’t all over your Instagram feed yet, don’t say I didn’t warn you. This pattern will soon hit shelves in a Forever 21 and Zara near you, so if you’re looking for a combo of 1950s pin-up model and sexy Clueless vibes, this is it.

4. Topshop Shirred Split Swimsuit

High waisted swimsuits are most def not limited to bikinis. If one-pieces are more your thing, just opt for a style that has an illusion of two separate pieces. With a split center and high waisted bottom, your waist and hips will be much more pronounced and hugged in all the right places, giving you the illusion of the perf summer bod.

5. Free People Desperado Rib Brief Bottoms

Strappy swimsuits seriously make you look fire in all Instas, regardless of the color or pattern. With high waisted straps, your torso will look v long and lean, while also keeping beer bloat in. Amazing. White is alwaaaays a good idea in the summer, but if you’re not feeling that bold, any bright color that calls for attention works just as well.

Images: Revolve; Asos; J. Crew; Topshop; Free People

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