5 Free Photo Editing Apps You Haven't Already Heard Of

Don’t lie, almost (if not all) your Instagram photos have been edited in some sort of way. Even though we all know it’s “misleading” and “dangerous”, we all do it anyway. Wanted to look a little tanner? Filter that sh*t. Teeth not as white as you would like? Edit that sh*t. Want to Instagram a photo but your ex is in it? Crop that sh*t out. Editing apps are tricky, because they make you feel amazing, even if they make everyone looking at your photos feel insecure. Until we all mutually agree to stop editing our photos, though, these apps are kind of a necessary evil. But not all editing apps are the same. Here is a list of the best photo editing apps to help you out and up your Instagram game that aren’t Facetune, because like, everybody knows about Facetune. If I use these photo editing apps on the regular, can I call myself a graphic designer?

1. Photoshop Fix

This one is my personal favorites because it is so easy to use (and I’m v technologically challenged). Besides the obvious features like cropping, adjusting the lighting, and fixing the dreaded red-eye, it is so easy to remove something (or someone) from the photo using their “Spot Heal” function. We all have those favorite photos that we look bomb in but either an ex-boyfriend or friend are making it impossible to do anything with it. This app makes it easier to remove them than having to take a whole new photo.

Photoshop Fix

2. Fotograf

Another fabulous and free app. My two favorite F words after … food, you perverts. If you need great filter options, this app is for you. They have a huge selection that never looks over-edited. If their 36 filters aren’t enough choice for you, the app does offer in-app purchases to really up your photo editing game.


3. Photo Editor

Another app that is so easy to use, but don’t be fooled by its simplicity. This app is killer at whitening your teeth, removing that pimple, or erasing your pores. If baby skin is your ideal, download this free app now. As my sister puts it, “it makes me look like a catfish.” Lol. I’m not saying you need to remove your imperfections, but if you want to, this app is for you. Just to show you its effectiveness, I edited a photo below. Please note, I’m not saying this girl needs to change her appearance AT ALL, I’m just proving a point.

Photo Editor-

4. Unfold

This is your go-to app for any layouts. With 25 templates (and an extra 60 if you want to pay), you can arrange your photos in pretty much any order.


Want to get that disposable camera look without *gasp* actually using a disposable camera? Besides the fact that I do not even know if disposable cameras still exist, the quality will not be as good as your iPhone X. This is perfect for the person who wants to cultivate a vintage Instagram aesthetic. And now I’m crying because the 90s is considered vintage. It’s fine, I’m fine.

Images: Tiraya Adam, Rustin VeganMohau Mannathoko, Charles DeluvioDrew Roberts / Unsplash

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