Florals For Spring? Nah: The 5 Fashion Items You Need This Spring

Spring is around the corner … so, winter, you can go shave your back now. Best part of the weather getting warmer is the clothing we get to finally wear—or not wear, because let’s be honest, fashion is all about how to show off your hot bod. We picked some of our favorite spring clothes from JustFab to help you get your closet started. For more, check out the full JustFab x Betches collection.

1. Relaxed Jumpsuit in Olive

JustFab x Betches Relaxed Jumpsuit in Olive

Jumpsuits are the new rompers. This relaxed jumpsuit is adorable and it’s the perfect blend of looking high maintenance and chill at the same time. It’s definitely attention-grabbing because it shows off your body, but nobody can accuse you of trying too hard when you’re in pants that are so casual they could send a “you up?” text.

2. Metal Mama Choker in Silver

JustFab x Betches Metal Mama Choker In Silver

Now that wearing a collar is officially mainstream, we can update our spring choker collection with something less dungeon and more ballroom. This choker will let everyone know you’re just like Rihanna in that you shine bright like a diamond but also give no f*cks.

3. High Waisted Skinny Jean in Laguna

JustFab x Betches High Waisted Skinny Jean in Laguna

Every decade ever has been coming back, so why not bring back high waisted light denim? High waists make our legs look long AF and they go great with a bodysuit. Wear this and be the belle of the sockhop—or underground rave, whatever you prefer.

4. Loreida Boots in Black

Loreida Boots in Black

These floral-embroidered boots are so hot they could be your plus one to the inevitable parties you’ll have to attend this spring. You can pair them with jeans and a bomber jacket, or a flirty dress if you want to go for the chic badass look. FYI, these also go great with drinking on rooftops.

5. Akela Heels in Blush

JustFab x Betches Akela Heels Blush

These low chunky heels remind us of dressing up in our mom’s clothes, but we’re into it because we’re old enough to actually wear that sh*t out now. These pink shoes are flirty without being TTH—not to mention the chunky heel will give you an advantage over stilettos when running to catch a cab to the brunch you were supposed to be at 20 minutes ago. At least you’ll look good showing up late.

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