5 Fall Beauty Trends You Need To Know About

Don’t get me wrong, fall is possibly one of the best times of year (3rd fave season), but there’s something about the autumn weather that really brings out the annoying in everyone. I really don’t care what kind of boots and flannel moment you are having and I don’t see why you need to advertise your highly caloric caffeinated beverages to the world? Whatevz. One certifiably not annoying thing about fall though is all the beauty and fashion trends. From vampy lip colors to bed-head waves that give off major “over it” vibes, this season is shaping up to look super chic. Watch out for the following trends.

1. Dark berry lips

Was there ever a time better than the 90’s? No. That’s why this throwback shade will always be in. It's a nod to the past, but still looks totally modern and edgy. To take it from the runway to every day, pair it with minimal eye makeup and a simple hair style.

2. Warm toned blushes

Apparently the over contoured/highlighted look has seen better days. Stylists and MUAs are more in favor a naturally flushed cheek at the moment. Pick up some apricot/peach shades and apply them on the apples of your cheeks, blending upward (above the hollow part under your cheekbone), to recreate the look.

3. Gold metallic eyeshadow

The best thing about this trend is that it can compliment any kind of eye color. Plus, it’s a good shake up from the typical smokey eye. Use the shadow as a stand alone or focus the color on your lid and blend it out with a warm brown shadow in the crease for less drama.

4. The mid-knot

Say goodbye to any knots of the top variety. A mid knot/bun situation says corporate lawyer, but also chill as hell. To make this work for you, do a typical top knot but place it in the middle-back of your head and leave a bit more of the ends out.

5. Bed-head waves

Normally I’d be all like, uhmmm? Why didn’t you brush your hair today or yesterday or for the past three months? Is everything alright? But when done correctly, this style can make you look just the right amount of “can’t be bothered”, and I love that. If you're *blessed* with naturally wavy hair, this will be super easy to achieve, but if you have straight or curly locks, you'll need to curl your hair with a barrel iron first (I suggest at least 1 3/4 inches), and then go over parts of your hair with a straightener. Finish with texturing spray (love this one by Oribe), and rub some pomade on your ends.


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