5 Face Masks To Fix The Damage You Did To Your Skin Over The Weekend

So you went out last night. And you drank. And maybe danced. And sweated. And probably walked through a sh*t-ton of cigarette smoke (but you didn’t smoke yourself, right, because that causes wrinkles cancer?). Then you came home and were like, hey, maybe I should do my 95-step skin care routine. Or I can pass the f*ck out before everything starts spinning. Hopefully you at least used a Makeup Eraser or baby wipe to take your makeup off first. But chances are after exposing your skin to makeup, dust, sweat, smoke, and dehydration, you didn’t take care of it properly after a late night out. And you probably didn’t the night before that, either. Now it’s Sunday night and if you don’t act fast, your skin will be f*cked this week from your (multiple) nights of total abuse. But don’t worry, no matter your ailment, there are face masks that can repair what you’ve done to your poor skin.

1. Hell-Pore Clean Up Mask

This mask is a charcoal peel-off and it’s so much fun to use. Also, kind of disgusting. Thanks to you being nasty and not properly washing your face this weekend, all that smoke/sweat/old makeup/alcohol breath of your friends/etc. is now sitting in your pores. GROSS. This mask is a miracle worker at cleaning all that out. Wash your face, apply a thick layer of the mask, let it dry completely (~20 minutes) and pull it off. It hurts like a b*tch but it cleans out everything and takes any flaky, dead, dehydrated skin with it. Just follow up with a good moisturizer. Also? Apply it after a steamy shower while your pores are more open for better results.

Elizavecca milkypiggy Hell-Pore Clean Up nose Mask, liquid type nose pack (100ml)

2. LUSH Mask of Magnaminty

If you have super oily or acne-prone skin and you can just feel the buildup of grease under your pores, this is the mask for you. It will dry out anything lurking in your pores, exfoliate to release excess oil, and it neutralizes any redness. I always keep a jar of this on hand in case of any breakout crisis, and I get cystic acne so you know it’s legit if I think it helps. Plus, it has peppermint oil in it and leaves my skin feeling refreshed and tingly.

Mask of Magnaminty

3. Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask

This is my holy grail product. If I could only bring one thing to a deserted island, it would be this mask. If your skin is dry since you forgot that whole “drinking water” thing in your weekend of mayhem, this will fix it overnight. Plus it smells so good. I dream of being super rich and bathing in it every night. It’s so gentle, you could even use it after one of the drying masks to moisturize.

4. LUSH Rosy Cheeks

This is one of Lush’s fresh face masks, meaning if you bring in five empty black Lush containers, you get it free. I don’t know why they only count the black containers, but it’s their policy, and I’m not gonna argue with something that gives me free stuff. Rosy Cheeks is the best of the fresh masks for irritation, dry skin, and redness, since it’s full of calamine and rose oil. If you need a product to get your skin just to calm the f*ck down, this would be it. Also, since it contains fresh ingredients, you keep it in the fridge and it feels amazing when you put it on.

Rosy Cheeks

5. Sephora Sheet Masks

Sephora’s sheet masks are so inexpensive and they have varieties for every skin problem imaginable. They’re one-use only, which sucks, but I like to stock up when they have value sets on sale since they’re cheaper. Whether your skin is too dehydrated or breaking out from your weekend neglect, there is a mask for it. They even have ones that treat sun damage and pollution. For hungover, post-partying skin, I recommend the Aloe Vera (quenching & replenishing), Rose (ultra-moisturizing & brightening), or Grape (protecting & anti-pollution).

Images: Amazon; Lush (2); Sephora (2)
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