The Chicest Jackets To Buy Before Spring Arrives

The recent change in weather has got me hyped AF for an early spring. It has been sunny, in the low 60s, and reminiscent of all things day drinking-related—basically, everything that makes me happier than a 2-for-1 happy hour. Although we’ll probably suffer a few wind chills here and there, the increase in temperature means revealing more skin wearing cuter clothes. But then that brings upon its own set of problems, namely, what kind of jacket do I wear? Finding a trendy lightweight jacket that somehow strikes the perfect balance between keeping you warm and not making you sweat like a grease monkey can be harder than finding a guy who won’t send an unsolicited dick pic. Here are give v chic spring jacket styles to grab now so you’re prepared the second March arrives.

1. ASOS Denim Girlfriend Jacket In Stonewash Blue

I’m way too excited (for both my own good and social life) to be able to step outside in my ~new~ denim jacket and not freeze my ass off. It’s the perf spring jacket for boozy brunches (and other activities you do outside) because you can wear a fugly lame outfit underneath, and still be called really cute by judgey Insta followers.

2. H&M Biker Jacket In Light Gray

Knowing when to shop at H&M is like stepping into Forever 21 for a hot outfit and hoping you just get really, really lucky. It’s hit or miss, but once you find that gem, you’re set until the next time you black out in broad daylight and lose your jacket in coat check. This super basic (but also super cute) faux leather jacket is a much-needed upgrade to your black one you def wear too much.

3. Alpha Industries M-65 Defender Camo Field Jacket

Depending on the context, camouflage doesn’t have to necessarily be tacky, or piss off your patriotic uncle on Facebook. Not only will this jacket make you look like an up-and-coming street style model, but it’s also v durable. It’s both water and wind-and-tear resistant, so you’ll totally get your money’s worth and won’t even feel (that) guilty about yet another online purchase.

4. Tularosa X Revolve Emma Bomber Jacket

Spring = florals and then more fucking florals. SHOCKER. With a casual bomber fit, you’ll look extra festive and rooftop drinking-ready in this bright floral spring jacket. Thanks to me, you’ll def get hit with a shit ton of, “Ohmigod, I love your jacket. Where did you get it?”

5. Michael Kors Hooded Zip-Pocket Anorak

I don’t think there’s a limit for how many windbreakers y0u can own through the months of March and May. They’re obvs really lightweight, cute if you look close enough, and come in a fuckton of colors like black (duh) and this basic bitch blush. This one is stylish, classy, and goes with literally anything in your closet.


Images: Nik MacMillan / Unsplash; ASOS (1); H&M (1); Nordstrom (1); Revolve (1); Macy’s (1)

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