The 5 Best Rain Boots For Spring (Groundbreaking) That Aren't Fugly

Besides serving as a solid excuse to sit inside, complain about the weather, and watch HBO GO all day, rain sucks. It ruins your blowout, makes it really hard to pick a decent outfit, and shuts down rooftop bars. Let’s bitch talk about the outfit struggle for a sec. Goodbye wedges, hello stomping through puddles doing high knees in the same ugly-ass rainboots you’ve been holding onto since high school. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. Your outfit can still look fire even in the rain (no guarantees on your hair and makeup, though). On the off chance that you have your life together enough that you can’t just blow off your responsibilities because there’s a 30% chance that it’s already raining, here are a few non-fugly rain boots to wear.

1. Hunter Women’s Original Chelsea Boots

Hunter boots really had a good thing going for them when we all first discovered Pinterest and were convinced that a J.Crew flannel, statement necklace, dark rinse super skinny jeans, and rain boots was a “cute outfit.” It’s not that Hunter boots are completely irrelevant, but it’s definitely time to mix up the rainy day outfit you’ve been rocking since you were a freshman in college. It may be okay to chug Franzia straight out of the bag like you’re still 18, but it’s probs time to stop dressing like it. Switch out your old glossy pink Hunter boots (and the fold-over monogramed socks, ew) for this more updated, but still OG style.

Hunter Women's Original Chelsea Boots

2. Rebecca Minkoff ‘Quincy’ Waterproof Rain Boot

These moto booties barely resemble rain boots, which is dope, because nine times out of ten, rain boots are ugly as shit. Honestly, bless Rebecca Minkoff for saving our lives yet again.

Rebecca Minkoff Quincy Rain Boot

3. Jeffrey Campbell Cloudy Chelsea Rain Boot

If you’re a betch who lives by the all black everything dress code, these faux leather platform booties will totally match your aesthetic. They’re perfect for when you’re in a bad mood (always) and would like to stomp around with a little more authority than Spongebob in that episode where he got those squeaky-ass boots from Mr. Krabs. Also, don’t judge me for making that reference because I KNOW you’ve watched it at least once when you were too hungover to look for the remote control.

Jeffrey Campbell Cloudy Chelsea Rain Boot

And, because I know you’re thinking it:

Spongebob Squeaky Boots

Anyway, back to the list.

4. Converse Chuck II Waterproof Mesh Backed Leather

Converse are like that one drunk friend you’re not that close with who will always go to parties with you when your other friends are being lame and want to stay in. Except, instead of showing up at your door with a handle of Smirnoff, Converse are reliable in the sense that you can kind of get away with wearing them with anything. This pair is waterproof, which means you don’t need to worry about ruining your perfectly white Chucks. 

Converse Chuck II Waterproof Mesh Backed Leather Boot

5. Rag & Bone Ansel Lace-Up Rain Boots

Honestly, the lace-up trend is on literally everything, so I’m shocked that I’m not sick of it yet. These boots can barely be classified as “non-fugly,” since they’re basically just rain boots with laces on them. However, you’ve definitely swiped left on a few questionable investment bankers just because you were assuming they’re going to buy you shit, so I don’t really see how this is any different.

Rag&Bone Ansel Lace-Up Rain Boots