5 'Bachelor' Alums Who Started Legit Businesses After The Show

The post-Bachelor/Bachelorette life consists of three options: Instagram sponsorships, starting a podcast, or returning to your previous job. Some former contestants even do a combination of all three. But this hustle isn’t sustainable, because the second the next season premieres, all the current hotshots quickly become has-beens. Fortunately, some of these past contestants were smarter than the average aspiring Insta-influencer contestant, and were aware of their own impending irrelevance. So, instead of falling victim to the looming doom of their insignificance, they used the spotlight and attention to make actual businesses for themselves. F*cking smart, and much more respectable than hawking subscription boxes for the rest of their lives (although, realistically, all of the Bachelor entrepreneurs on this list have probs done that too). Those who started their own businesses have tapped into America’s perception of them, and have utilized it to create their own product lines that fit their perceived “brand.” Here are some of the post-Bachelor hustles we respect, and may have even already ordered for ourselves.

1. Kaitlyn Bristowe’s Scrunchie Line, Dew

Dew Edit The Wristbands – VIP ($28)

Kaitlyn Bristowe was one of the coolest Bachelorettes we’ve ever had. She was chill, down-to-earth, and not a thirst-monster. Claps to you, Kaitlyn! Not to mention, she also had the best group of guys I’ve ever seen on the show. (Umm has anyone looked at Hannah B.’s guys? Yikes.) Unfortunately, her three-year relationship with Shawn didn’t end up working out, but she’s still as relevant as ever. She was smart enough to build a business that could last, even when her relationship couldn’t, so she started a scrunchie line. What I like about this business move is that it’s on-brand and authentic. Kaitlyn was always wearing scrunchies, and now that they’re a trendy fashion item, it only makes sense that she would create her own line. The scrunchies are super cute, but 4 out of 5 of the sets on the site are currently sold out. Genius marketing at its finest. Because now, as if I didn’t already want the black velvet star scrunchies, I REALLY want them. Touché Kaitlyn, touché.

2. Ben Higgins’ Coffee Line, Generous

Generous Movement Guatemalan Coffee ($15.99)

One of the most eligible bachelors from Kaitlyn’s season, Ben Higgins, also started his own business: a coffee line. Seem like an odd choice? Not at all. The brand is called Generous Coffee, and is totally fitting for America’s favorite bracelet-wearing Bachelor. Things didn’t work out between him and Kaitlyn, nor between him and Lauren, but it seems that everyone involved is doing more than okay. I mean, Lauren is a Revolve influencer, so she’s clearly doing well, and Ben has this coffee line that he’s sups passionate about, plus a v cute new gf! Generous Movement is very in line with the values of our millennial generation, selling coffee ethically sourced from Guatemala and Honduras. Then, as the icing on the cake, they donate the proceeds to help “make the world better.” This is like, the Tom’s Shoes of coffee, and so on-brand for sweetheart Ben Higgins. Unlike telling two girls you love them, this was a smart decision, Ben.

3. JoJo Fletcher’s Clothing Line, Fletch

Fletch Olive Buckle Dress ($128)

Speaking of girls that Ben confessed his love to, JoJo Fletcher is the most stylish Bachelorette we’ve ever had, so I give her full permission to create her own clothing line. I mean, not that she needed it, but as your millennial pop-culture-relevant fashion consultant, I give it my stamp of approval. The clothes are stylish, flirty, and feminine, all of which describe JoJo herself. She may not have ended up becoming besties with Olivia Munn, but based on her YouTube channel, her life looks pretty f*cking good, so I don’t think she’s too mad.

4. Nick Viall’s Essential Oils, Natural Habits

Natural Habits Daily Habits Bundle ($88)

Essential oils are v trendy right now, and Nick Viall is capitalizing on that—and before you ask, no, this is not some multi-level marketing scheme. The branding of the oils is sophisticated, clean, and modern, which separates it from other essential oils on the market. Like, you’d actually want to gift these ones to your boyfriend, because you wouldn’t have to worry about him thinking you’re some holistic whack-job. Not to mention, they’re USDA-certified organic, which is a certification the two biggest essential oil companies right now can’t even claim. Natural Habits currently sells four different oil blends in a bundle set, all of which have different purposes, including things like relaxation, energy, and immunity. Nick may not have found love on the show, but hey, he’s probs got an oil for healing heartbreak now. Proud of you, Nick!

5. Shawn Booth’s Fitness Studio, Boothcamp

Boothcamp (prices vary)

Known for his incredible body on Kaitlyn’s season of The Bachelor, it’s fitting that Shawn Booth created a workout studio called Boothcamp. Just like Kaitlyn, he built himself something sustainable, since being the winner of The Bachelorette doesn’t guarantee a lifetime of Instagram sponsorships—especially if you break up. Tbh, I’m still hoping they find a way to make it work, but considering Kaitlyn seems like she’s more than okay with her scrunchies and smooth-talking, Dracula-adjacent boyfriend, Jason, I don’t know about the likelihood of that.

Anyone else find it interesting that all of these successful Bachelor and Bachelorette people are interrelated? Like, Nick, Ben, and Shawn were all on Kaitlyn’s season, and JoJo was on Ben’s season. Was there something different in the water of the Bachelor mansion? Or was Instagram just not that big back then? I guess business-savvy entrepreneurial skills run in the blood of this Bachelor fam! Who knew?!

Images: Dew Edit; Generous Movement; Shop Fletch; Natural Habits; Boothcamp

Shannon McCormick
Shannon McCormick
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