Real World Roundup: Kim K Unsatisfied With Being Mayor on 4square

Sookie is knocked up! We're so excited for her to have the baby that she could never actually have with Bill Compton. Let's hope the baby doesn't inherit her gap tooth. Read article>

Turns out those annoying bitches who post Facebook pics making out with their boyfriend or of the gnocchi they were chowing down on in Florence, were doing so in an attempt to make you as fat and horny as them. This new study shows that looking at pics of food makes you want to eat more. Go fucking figure. People who are more likely to eat from watching food porn are also more likely to become bulimic. I guess this explains why your fat friend loves Top Chef so much. Read article>


bill and sookie Shit, now two people are gonna be feeding off this betch.


The Middletons can't seem to keep their embarrassing friends and extended family under wraps. Not only do they have that fame whore stripper cousin we talked about last week, but now Pippa's friend aka a guy she's prob fucking pulled a fake gun on the Paps. If convicted, the Pipster could go to jail. She objected, saying that if she has to wear an orange jumpsuit, her ass should probably get its own jail cell. This is the kind of mental instability that follows being named Phillipa. Read article>

The Bachelor is being sued for racism. Turns out other than Roberto there are no serious dark people on the show. Although the black guys filing the suit claim racism, we note that Ashley is 1/16 Cherokee, which makes her practically black”if black were not black at all but actually white. And hey, she's marrying J.P. who's a Jew right? Jews are black, right? But in all seriousness, what do you expect from a show that was trying to recruit the WHITEST MAN ALIVE aka Tim Tebow? We really think it's because only white people would go along with the extreme nice girl cheesiness that is the Bachelor. Something tells us if Chris Rock were the Bachelor he wouldn't casually go along with the idea that jumping into a pool of sharks was just like diving into a relationship. Read article>

Kim Kardashian thinks she's running for mayor of Glendale in 2017 because there are “hella Armenians there,” but in fact she can't because the mayors rotate around some other towns and like aren't elected and shit. Fear not though, she got the publicity for being a retard that she desperately sought out so all is well in the land of double Ks. We would love for Kim to spice up those Glendale laws though. Her first order of business could be to change the name to Klendale and mandate that her sex tape be played in elementary school sex ed classes. Read article>

In this week's installment of finance guys who are fucking weird, we present “Dave”, who went on and organized his dates into an excel spreadsheet, that he included extremely detailed notes on as well as COLOR CODED to identify potential stocks women as ones to be monitored closely or loosely monitored. We fear he could be the same loser our last Well thanks for telling us that AFTER we bought the book, bitch. She also says talking about the book is excruciating and she has to drink wine to even write this bullshit. A+ for honesty, I guess we kind of like her more now. Read article>

Finally, this week in our “SUP WITH HILARY?” section, we get to see photos of Hilary partying up a storm in Colombia. She then promptly got kicked out of this club for blowing lines in the bathroom, but not before making out with the woman pictured next to her and chanting “Fuck this shit! We're going to Coachella.” Read article>


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