Real World Roundup: Occupy Nail Salons

Watch gay betch Anderson Cooper giggle like a little girl when someone says the word “pussy willow.” Apparently Anderson hates pussy so much it's laughable. Read article or watch video below (skip to 1:25)

For this week's edition of Weird Shit We Know About Hillary Clinton, Hillary's staff has forbidden her to wear scrunchies. Hillary texted them in response, telling them to fuck off and that if she can't have her dream makeout session with the corpse of Amelia Earhart, the least they could do was leave her in peace with her scrunchies. Read article

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Inspired by the rags to riches story of Knicks player Jeremy Lin, the guy who does your nails and asks to “cut the cuticle?” is suing Babi Nail Salons for abuse and sweatshop-like conditions. Good news for the rebellious Asians who do our homework. Bad news for the price of a good manicure and our grades in calculus. Read article

Some Dartmouth girl has gone public about her sorority hazing her and forcing her to drink like what sounds like a pretty strong jungle juice. See FDA! This is what happens when you ban 4 Loko! Like any nice girl, she doesn't blame the people who nearly killed her. Instead she decides to write about it and have everyone else blame them for her. Read article

Alicia Silverstone thinks it's “adorable” to chew food and then feed it to her son. Our issue is not with this sort of gross trendy mom bulimia. Instead we're wondering, why does she think it's okay to eat? What if some calories from the mashed up pasta you've put in your mouth actually enter your system?! What would Cher say?! Read article

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Turns out, just like being gay, being nice is not a choice. So why do we still hate nice people. Some new study says that nice people are just born that way. You can now justify your cognitive dissonance by telling yourself that Jamie was just born to do your homework. Read article

The NY Times has an article about the recent popularization of the male bikini wax. As if we didn't have a hard enough time deciphering the Maybe Gay Bros. Read article

Marc Jacobs has himself a nice younger porn star boyfriend. Click here to witness what is frankly, a pretty gay group of beach pics. See photos

Kate Middleton's sell out second cousin once removed is pitching a reality show based on her life as a stripper. We wouldn't be surprised (or disappointed) if this bitch winds up hit by an Aston Martin, courtesy of the Queen. Read article

Pictures of Anne Hathaway as Cat Woman are released, somehow we hate her even more. This picture looks like when the nice girl in your sorority tries to pull off a “sexy” Halloween costume but instead just looks annoying. Click to vom


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