Betches Love This Song: Call Me… Never

Sup Betches? As many of you are uploading the same picture over and over again of your time at Ultra wishing you were rolling fache at the Main Stage, we're here to give you a little break. Even though you're not in Miami anymore, believe it or not it is still possible to have a great time at home. Here are a few mixes to get you through the week while pregaming and spending quality time with your blow-pad.

And don't forget to check back next week for our fav tracks from Ultra. However we must say, it's totally ridiculous and underrated that Madonna showed up, you know that woman who casually sold out a few concerts at Yankee Stadium in about 10 mins, yet all we can talk about is how sick our main man 'vicii was.




3Lau – Action This is a pretty decent mix, great track to drink to or just bounce up and down to while sitting in place.

Hyper Crush -Werk Me (Overwerk Remix)Okay this shit is so sick from the first 3 seconds. However, the lyrics are fundamentally anti-betch as all they say is to do work. EW. But whatevs, I guess if you're working out and listening to this song, you might actually lose a few! Yayyy

Carly Rae Jepson – Call Me Maybe (C-Rok RokCandy Mix)The title says it all. It's AMAZING. And like we've said before, we so badly want to hate Call Me Maybe but really, we fucking love it. UGH I die.

Hujje Music Volume 8

Besides the fact that this guy writes his name the same way we abbrev casual (cajjy), this hour long mix is pretty dopppeee. Listen the whole way through, or don't, we don't give a shit!



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