4 Ways To Prevent Body Acne ヨ Even if You Sweat and Wear Tight Leggings

Summer is finally here- so grab your festival clothes, bikinis, tanks, crop tops, and anything you and your friends think is appropriate to wear this season. It’s a blast to participate in shameless summer activities, and getting a tan is a major plus, but some of us won’t be baring much skin this summer. That’s because most―yes most―of us get body acne somewhere, which can be embarrassing. The good news? Body acne is totally avoidable and treatable. Here are 4 ways to prevent and treat body acne so you can bare your skin confidently this summer.

1.  Change Your Sheets- Trust Me, They’re Filthy

Acne happens when oil, bacteria and dead skin mix. If you haven’t washed your sheets in two weeks, they’re literally teeming with dead skin cells—go ahead and shake them out in your dark bedroom and shine a flashlight around if you want to see! You can’t stop your skin from producing oil (nor would you want to, trust), and while you can kill acne-causing bacteria, you can’t prevent its production, either. So we do what we can to eliminate the dead skin variable.

2.  Shower Immediately Post-Workout. (Fro-yo is Gonna Have to Wait)

Sweat can be a major proponent of breakouts even for those of us who aren’t otherwise acne-prone. So rinse off with a good body wash before you do anything else- especially if you’re coming out of Hot Yoga or an intense spin class. If you can get your hands on a body wash that’s designed to fight acne (I use Proactiv+’s Deep Cleansing Wash), that’s the best-case scenario.

3. Use BPO

Guess what? The acne that occurs on your body isn’t really any different than the acne on your face—there are simply other factors, like tight clothing, sweat, and the like that can contribute to its appearance. If you didn’t know, benzoyl peroxide is a great way to go about the treatment of acne, because it’s been proven to kill acne-causing bacteria. When I use it on my body it works quickly and effectively- only takes about a day or two to clear up my skin.

4. Exfoliate

Exfoliating is even more crucial for eliminating the “dead skin variable” than keeping your sheets clean, and there are many different ways you can go about exfoliation. I’m happy with my Proactiv+ Deep Cleansing Wash. It’s awesome to have on hand for your gym bag (or anywhere, really) because it’s also suitable to use on your face. In other words: if you’re the type who loves multi-purpose products, especially if you don’t want to clutter up your bathroom or gym bag, this one’s a must-have. In fact, I even use their spot treatment on my body.

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