Betches Love This Song: Higher Than a Motherfucker

This weeks playlist is a little bit low key, but like what else are you going to listen to when coming down from your klonopin/vodka soda stupor? And whoever said low-key was a bad thing, was seriously disturbed.


starships mashup


Happy Violence (Live City Remix): We were into this song because it reminded us of something we would've discovered on Gossip Girl circa the time when Nate was fucking a mom in the Hamptons. Oh the memories…

Show Me (Jacob David Revitalization): If you're one of those who can claim that Release Me used to be your jam, this will be right up your alley. We know that it's kind of long and definitely has some lulls, but give it a chance because some parts get ridic. Like you'll either want to start breaking shit, or dance on a table, or like break the table while dancing on it. Whatevs, not my table, not my problem. .

Black to White feat Miss Palmer (Felix Cartal): We've actually been listening to this for like three weeks now and honestly we don't really feel like it would play well at anything more than a low-key pregame, you know the ones when you and your friends are sitting around a table taking shots while watching E! News. But we promise you, smoke a blunt and you'll be en-fucking-tranced.

Starship Dance Floor Porn (Mashup-Germany): Yes we hate that this starts off with LUV Madonna because no song irks us more, but once you get past that moment of utter pain, the rest just makes you want to rage. No, we don't care that it's a mashup of mainstream songs because it's the type you want to listen to when you're too fucked up to even know there's music on. And everyone loves our girl Nicki, she has such profound and inspirational moments in her music. You know, like when she remixes Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. This will obvs be the version my kids will sing along to.

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