Betches Love This Song: Drink to These or Die Trying

Hey betches, I'm back with another installment of my music blogging slave labor. This week's music could induce even a Greenwich weirdo with ED to get it up. It's that good.

Now I have a public service announcement. Even though you are downloading music from the Fresh New Tracks' Betchy playlist, it does not mean that you sometimes have the right to overtake any party/function/charity gala with your new songs, it means that you always have the right to do so. It's your civic duty. Win points in heaven, check off your fake daily good deed, whatever.

In light of last week's enthusiastic response, I included more house tracks for you guys to run 100 times faster and get 1000 times drunker to. My goal is to inspire pregame heroes. Remember leaving your last pregame? Then you're not a pregame hero. Maybe you're aiming to create lasting memories, idk. Sorry I'm not a fucking digital camera, I'm just the DJ.

Black out or Back out,

ATexas, The Betches, FNT and some weird Swedish DJs



The Brink (DJ Trademark): This track starts off dece but then hits us with a sick surprise at around 1:50, and is just amazing the rest of the way through. Just get your Ray Bans ready.


Somebody That I Used to Know (Wulf & Bernhard.S Remix): A house mix that remixes the cuh-lassic Dutch hit Somebody That I Used to Know. At 1:15 you're going to puke glitter. This song kind of makes me want to roll face while swaying and staring into bright lights, or like have sex.

We Found House (3Lau Remix): A song about actually just being a huge betch and our psychotic amazing betchy tendencies. Listen for a note from the #70 delusional dater at 2:24.

Midnight City (M83 Cover): This is like if Robyn and an acid trip had a really skinny lovechild, and we're pretty sure it's also in a Vic Secret commercial. If you don't like it at first it will grow on you TRUST us.

Good Love Control – Alesso & Afrojack (3Lau Remix): Old song, never fails. There's a reason the saying 'oldie but fucking goodie' exists.

If these aren't enough for you, go ahead and download this song, we dare you. DOWNLOAD: Kap Slap – Resurrect Paradise (Cobra Starship x Axwell x Coldplay)

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