Petch of the Day: Pearl

We know what you're thinking, are they really still trying to make petches happen? Well, fuckers, we're not trying. 'Pets dressed as betches' is happening, and here's another one. We introduce you to another little dog that's as betchy as a dog can get. I mean, she has her own bench.

Today's Petch of the Day is called Pearl, and even though that might as well be the name of my grandma, only something this cute (the dog, not my grandma) could pull off something that old.

(Granches: grandparents dressed as betches…. anyone? anyone?)

PearlAge: 10.5 monthsFrom: Long Island, NYFavorite pastime: being read Betches Love This, photoshoots, and taking naps after long days of barking at ugly people.


petchPillow beds are for poor fat dogs.



petch“You're a monkey Pearl, you're a monkey!”



petchUgh I feel so pale. TG for 60 degrees in Jan and TG for global warming.






petch“It's completely fucking weird that my mom has this background just laying around…”



petchWelcome to candyland, population: Pearl. Did they make adderall for dogs yet?



petchI need my fucking beauty rest. It's exhausting being me.








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