The Three Times You Should Text Him First, As Told By 'Bachelor In Paradise's Diggy Moreland

We’ve all been through it before: Guy is at a bar. Guy makes eye contact with cute girl. Girl makes eye contact with said guy. Guy takes that last shot of tequila that he’s going to need to blame for his bad dance moves get enough courage to talk her, and walks over. Dance/conversation doesn’t go as badly as expected, so he is feeling on top of the world. Then, it’s the moment of truth. He hands her his phone on keypad mode. (Pro tip: For those don’t know, don’t ask a girl, “Can I get your number?” So awkward. Girls like a man that can take charge. Give her your phone with the keypad displayed, and she’ll take care of the rest. Trust me.) She enters her number, first name with the heart eyes emoji, calls her phone with his phone, and hands the phone back to him with a smile. The hard part is done. Now you confidently can go back to your man huddle without facing the ridicule of your friends.

Girl returns to her girl pack reporting how your dance moves didn’t suck as bad as you thought they did, and how you know how to carry a conversation. “I can’t wait until he hits me up,” she says. *Record Scratch* Until he doesn’t…

Ladies: Where do you go from here?? Normally I’d say: “Yea, you’re on your own,” “Wasn’t meant to be,” or “He’s just not that into you.” But there might be room to salvage this relationship since you DO have his number. Below are three scenarios where it’s indeed okay to text him first.

1. You Think He Might Have Been Too Wasted

I mean, you did meet at a bar/club/saloon. Did you not see him take that 1800 to the head before he came and spoke to you? There are several times where I’ve been out and didn’t remember getting home, let alone the name of the cute brunette that I danced with to three straight Drake songs. If you think alcohol might have been on the scene, a simple, “It was amazing meeting/dancing/watching you make a fool of yourself in front me last night” will do as an opening text.

2. Time Sensitive Event

If sometime during your first encounter you spoke about, I don’t know, how much he likes contemporary art (blah…) and you know there’s an exhibit in town, do it. This is something that will show you’re into him and that you actually surprisingly made it through a conversation about contemporary art. PULL. THE. TRIGGER.

3. You Know What You Want

It’s 2017. You see something you want? Go for it. Guys do it all the time, and women are equally as capable. Guys see. Guys approach. Then we ask. All three of those things women are equally as capable of doing, if not better and in a more creative way. Think of it like this: NO guy will be upset if a girl texts him wanting to meet up. Just be careful at what you text. You may just send, “Hey, I had a good time, wanna grab a drink?” But we may interpret it as: “I think you’re really cute and I want to eat your face.” May the characters be ever in your favor.

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Diggy Moreland
Diggy Moreland
I cried on national TV several times, but they only showed it once. Cast member of Season 13 of The Bachelorette, and Season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise. Didn't get a chance to see my personality on air, so I show it here. Take whatever I say with whatever is smaller than a grain of salt.