3 Steps You Need To Add To Your Skin Care Routine

I don’t want you to feel attacked, but I’m sure you have many habits that attribute to your skin looking dull from time to time. Whether it be drinking too many vodka sodas on your last Hinge date or staying up all night binging reruns of Friends for the millionth time. I repeat, I’m NOT attacking you. I have actually learned some easy tips to assure no matter how little sleep you log or how many drinks you chug, you’ll wake up looking Beyoncé levels of flawless.


No, I’m not talking about the hallucinogenic. I’m talking about acids for your face! I know applying acids directly on your money maker sounds scary, but trust me, they will solve all your problems. If you add an acid to your skincare routine, you’ll always be glowy and dewy. I know glowy isn’t a word, but you’ll look it if you just listen to me. My favorite acids, since I know you’re wondering, are BHA/AHA and Hyaluronic Acid. BHA/AHA will slough away all your gross dirty dead skin, while Hyaluronic Acid will hydrate and smooth.

Double Cleansing

Double cleansing sounds excessive, but I swear I get like one pimple a year since starting—bible. Exactly as it sounds, double cleansing is the process of washing your face twice. The first cleanse removes makeup while the second cleans the skin. I swear using an oil based cleanser, like Kopari Beauty’s coconut cleansing oil, first lifts your makeup right off your face. Follow with a water based cleanser, like Drunk Elephant’s Beste No. 9 Jelly Cleanser, and it’s as if you rinse your face with unicorn tears. Plus, I’m into any skincare brand with “drunk” in its name.


I’m sure the thought of taking vitamins makes you feel prehistoric, but taking a probiotic will change your skin… and your life. We need healthy bacteria in our gut (gross, I know) to help break down what we eat and detoxify. Since the skin is an organ of detoxification, taking a probiotic makes your skin look more radiant. So, you could say I’m pro probiotics. Get it?? Lol, sorry, I’ll see myself out.

So ladies, down that extra mimosa, get that order of fries, or stay up for just one more episode of Sex and the City. With these foolproof tips, no one will be able to from your face how hungover and tired you are!

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