3 Genius Products That Solve Your Most Pressing Adulting Problems

Being an adult is hard. I know, hot take. I’m convinced that there are certain mysteries that no matter how old you get, will never be solved. Things like “how do I lose socks when I do my own laundry” and “what happens to all my Tupperware lids” and “how on God’s green earth do I fold a fitted sheet???” Luckily, this is 2018, and there’s a random gadget or start-up to solve almost every problem we have. I’ve scoured the internet for the most genius inventions to make your life easier. I’m starting with the bedroom because that’s where I spend the most time, and because figuring out how to fold a fitted sheet literally keeps me up at night. Here’s what I found:

Primary Goods Bedding

Probably the bane of my mom’s existence (other than the fact that I work for a company called Betches) is how I never made my bed in high school. I know, I was just so “cool” and “rebellious”. IDK, it’s just annoying, okay? Thankfully, this new company called Primary Goods has invented these kinda genius bedding sets that basically make themselves so you don’t have to make your bed ever again. If you’ve ever gotten annoyed by how your top sheet doesn’t stay in line perfectly with your duvet, then you’ll love how the duvet cover and the top sheet snap together so they don’t separate in the middle of the night. This also makes making your bed easier since you just snap the top sheet to the duvet and then throw them both over your bed at the same time. So no more wrestling with the flat sheet, climbing on top of your bed and trying to tuck it under your mattress and then realizing how not strong you are, and then doing it all over again with your duvet cover. Nope. You can do it in one go. Personally, I feel like the whole point of having a top sheet is BECAUSE it is separate from your comforter, but then again I only use a top sheet when it’s like 98 degrees and too hot to sleep underneath a real blanket. But it easily unsnaps from the duvet cover so it’s like, NBD. Regardless, I did like how the design of the duvet cover made inserting my duvet a lot easier, which is truly a blessing. Also, their fitted sheets really stay put and all their bedding is RIDICULOUSLY comfy.

QuickZip Fitted Sheets

If you’ve ever struggled with folding a fitted sheet (ALL OF US, DON’T EVEN LIE) then holy shit did I find the product for you. It took me a lot of Googling, but I found something. QuickZip fitted sheets are two-part fitted sheets (I know, say fitted sheet again) that have essentially solved this age-old problem. There are two parts to the sheet, a bottom and a top, and they’re separated by a zipper. The bottom part fits around the perimeter of the bed, and it’s basically like a ring. The top part is more or less a rectangle that zips on to it. So basically you have a flat top part that folds easily, and the bottom part that stays put around the bed. This means no more sheets popping off the bed in the middle of the night, and more importantly, no more Youtubing videos on how to fold a fitted sheet. Holy shit, my life is changed. What will I do with all this extra time now? Maybe I’ll start a vlog.


Okay so remember when I implored the universe what happens to all my socks when I wash them?? How do I do MY OWN LAUNDRY with an even number of socks and end up with at least 3 missing ones on any given week? Are they hiding with the Tupperware lids? Are they being transformed into dryer lint? Only God knows. Well, I found this thing called Sock+its that’s basically a sock keeper. You attach your socks into it, throw the whole thing in the laundry and the dryer, and it keeps your little sock couples together for you. No more mismatched socks, unless of course, you’re into that look. What a miracle!

Image: Toa Heftiba / Unsplash