Petch of the Day

After sorting through all of your petchy submissions we’ve picked our first Petch of the Day. Not only is she a little dog, but she’s a chic toy pom named Tibi. Somebody’s owner clearly went to prep school.

This is going to be our first of many petch posts to come, so keep sending us pictures!

[Side Note: We don’t know where some of you got the idea that animals dressed as Santa Claus is betchy, because it’s not. Even though he only works one day a year, he’s fat and that’s gross. In the words of Ja’mie, “No offense but I seriously hate all fat people.”]

Another humorous submission we got was a girl claiming that she’s betchy, so she decided that the best way to show her dog’s petchiness was to dress the dog as herself…so she took a picture laying on top of it. Dear girl who did this: You’re lucky we were high when we saw this picture.

With that we introduce to you our first Petch of the Day: TibiAge: 5 monthsFrom: Winter Park, FloridaSummers in: NantucketLoves to: bark at bitches carrying knockoff Chanels.





petch“Ugh, whole milk?! Really? WTF do I look like to you, a cat?”



petchGold? Vom.






petch“These are my toys. Jealous, I know”




For further amusement:









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