2014 Pop Danthology is Here And It’s Sick AF

It’s the end of the year, and that means pretty much all those friends who “think” they are a DJ are mashing all 2014 hits together. Before you even think about clicking that soundcloud link that they will undoubtedly post on facebook, listen to a real fucking mash-up.

Daniel Kim, some unknown Asian dude, has been combining songs since 2012, and since it seems to be all he does, he’s pretty fucking good at it. Even those random songs that you forgot were popular, or in the case of Katy Perry’s “Birthday,” blocked out of memory- he includes them.

Overall, it’s a pretty interesting to watch how he combines all the songs and the beats. It’s very similar to the “riff-off” style of Pitch Perfect- and trust me, I hate myself for referencing that.

But TBH I could have 100% gone without having Magic’s “Rude” in the song. I have nothing clever to say about it, I just fucking hate that song.


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