Welcome, Betches

Dear Fans, Betches, GBFFs, Betches-in-training, and TV producers,

Welcome to our new site. Don't freak out…there have been some changes but that means you'll be doing less work, not more.

Where's the Site in Betches Love This? Who cares? We changed it, fucking deal.

Only a few things are different from the old site. Obviously, the design. We were sick of that polka dotted background shit. We're not 12, even though polks are totally in these days.

What you'll find in:

Culture: Find posts about hot scandals, guides on how to be more betchy, and our opinions (aka the only opinions you should care about) on betchy movies.

Betch of the Week: You'll read weekly posts on famous betches we admire.

The Betch List: Here's our ongoing list of things that betches love.

Dear Betch: On Wednesdays we wear pink and on Sundays we give advice. It's like Dear Abby but when Abby isn't like some lesbian 70 year old, who probably sports a female stache.

Betchography: Here you'll find Betchography posts and Betches Love This City posts. Betchography is our rundown of how betchy certain places are. Like Boston, it's just eh. Betches Love This City is our rundown of places betches travel to, or blackout in, like Las Vegas.

So remember to keep reading and talking shit.

Email all questions and suggestions, and of course Dear Betches to:



The Head Betches

P.S. Don't worry we've transferred all your comments from the old site…even the negative ones from the Fuglies.


Best from Shop Betches