17 Year-Old Heir To Dell Creates Dating App

Even though nowadays we only ever get on tinder, dating apps, etc. to confirm that we are just as attractive as we think we are, there are those out there who still think these apps are relevant. Enter 17-year-old Zach Dell – son and protégé of billionaire bro Michael Dell. This high school student has designed a dating app for college students, aiming to be a ‘classy’ Tinder.

1.     Classy Tinder? That’s impossible.

2.     What does a minor know about Tinder? My anxiety for being cat-fished by the under aged has reached ridiculous levels.

3.     Is this really necessary?

It’s called ‘Thread’, which is apparently also the name of a 2010 Facebook dating app that literally no one remembers. The app has only recently launched (still only iPhone users, because nobody fucking cares about Androids) and is apparently being tested within the University of Texas community. In order to prevent it from becoming another ‘hook-up’ app, this app is restricting the number of matches you are allowed to have. This could have potential but right now I just see it as a fucking joke.


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