12 New End Of Summer Jams That Are A Big Mood

After a week off traipsing around Electric Zoo, I am BACK with another list of songs you need to listen to today. Most of these are brand new, but some of these came out last week. In any case, happy new music Friday! It is my first non-summer Friday, so I am writing this from my desk in my office. Life is so hard. Guess I’ll be listening to these fire new songs to help me pull through. Or you can DM me wholesome memes. In any case, be sure to follow the ever-growing New Music playlist on the Betches Spotify, and let me know if there are more types of playlists you want to see.

“Remedy” by Alesso

A little late to the party, but too f*cking bad. You’re going to love “Remedy” and it’s going to be all over the airwaves in approximately .2 seconds. “Remedy” is a classic Alesso dance/pop crossover hit (that’s fair of me to say, right??). Alesso describes the song as being kind of like the end of summer—you’re happy for the memories but sad it’s over. Once you hear it, you’ll get exactly what he means. Once you’ve listened to the track, go read my interview with Alesso himself.

“Superior Emotion” by AlunaGeorge feat. Cautious Clay

First off, A+ to Cautious Clay for the best pun stage name in the game, and for a killer guest verse that stopped me in my tracks. His voice is THAT good. Second off, “Superior Emotion” is a big mood. It’s very chill and airy. Listening to this feels like floating above the clouds at sunset.

“I Love It” By Kanye West & Lil Pump feat. Adele Givens

Guys, I have a confession to make. This is the first time I’ve ever listened to Lil Pump. I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t love it either. And don’t worry, I won’t go into a rant about how Soundcloud rappers are ruining hip-hop. I would say that this song is going to be all over the radio, except every other word to this song is “hoe” so I don’t think the FCC would allow it. But this song and video are fun and whimsical. Let the memes begin.

“Whipped Cream” by Ari Lennox

Shouts out to the Dreamville newsletter I’m somehow subscribed to for this one. Holy sh*t, Ari Lennox is everything. Her voice is like, I don’t know, floating down a river of liquid velvet. It’s gorgeous. The visuals, which came out today, are logical without being predictable, smooth and easy without being boring. Love love love love.

“Jupiter” by Donna Missal

I don’t usually go for alternative/indie stuff (check my post history), but I can appreciate that this song is good. Donna Missal’s voice starts off breathy, building power as the song progresses to the hook. She’s really f*cking good.

“Think About You” by Clinton Sparks feat. Marc e Bassy

This, on the other hand, is my typical type of sh*t. It’s a dance track that’s also a love song? I’m jumping and I’m crying about my ex. But I’m very into it. I could easily hear this track all over the festival circuit. You may have heard of Clinton Sparks, and that’s because he’s produced for some of the biggest names in music—Lady Gaga, Akon, Pitbull, to name a few. With “Think About You”, he’s turning his talents inward, and I for one think he lives up to his own hype.

“Brighter Days” by San Holo feat. Bipolar Sunshine

This song came out last week, so you’ll have to once again forgive me for the delay because I was at Electric Zoo—interviewing San Holo, fittingly enough. “Brighter Days” gives you that classic San Holo production and motivating lyrics. Bipolar Sunshine adds a more muted vocal effect to the song, so it’s more of a low-key banger, but a banger nonetheless.

“Back & Forth” by MK, Jonas Blue, & Becky Hill

I discovered that MK is awesome literally two days ago at an event at Sony, and I just want to share him with you all. This track is house-y, but I think it’s upbeat and dance-y enough given the vocals that you’ll like it even if you think you “don’t like house.”

“Landscape” by Future Generations

Again, I don’t tend to go for…whatever genre this is… but this song has me feeling some type of way. It’s very upbeat and I feel instantly cool and like a Bushwick hipster for listening to it. It also feels kind of vintage? IDK. This isn’t exactly a pregame song, but it could definitely be “I’m at a rooftop in Brooklyn that’s really an abandoned warehouse” playlist pick. Or like, a road trip playlist. Actually, that would be perfect.

“Void” by Kilo Kish

Kilo Kish is going to be one of those people who will make me feel super cool for knowing who she is, even though she has close to 40,000 Twitter followers and is not exactly unknown. In any case, her EP, Mothe, dropped today, and I’d bet it’s not like anything else you’re listening to right now. She has a style all her own, and it’s very interesting. I feel like she purposefully holds back, which leaves me a little frustrated, but definitely wanting more. The whole EP is worth a listen, but I like “Void” with its synths, upbeat tempo, and prominent percussion.

“Savage” by Jimi Noel

This is like, a solid R&B/hip-hop track. I feel like I’ll like it the more I’ll listen to it. One thing that does set “Savage” apart from others on this list is that Jimi Noel produced this track himself. I don’t think too many singers can say that.

“Time of Our Lives” by Brynn Elliott

Brynn Elliott is kind of a baller because she graduated from Harvard (what, like it’s hard?) and also is a professional singer-songwriter. Her first single, “Might Not Like Me”, was super girl-power-anthem feeling. Today, she released her EP, Time of Our Lives, and the title track is a big end of summer mood. It’s poppy and catchy, and I can picture it being used as the closing song in a Netflix teen movie. Know what I mean?

Images: Bruno Gomiero / Unsplash

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