10 Things I Hate About Texting Drug Dealers: The Stoner Series

10. Introducing yourself as “so-and-so's” friend

9. Finding the right combination of words like, “Are you available/around/free?” when all you want to say is 'Can I have some fucking drugs?'

8. Having to refer to your drugs by other things like 'dresses' or 'skirts'

7. Establishing a quantity without using the words gram or eighth

6. Receiving mass texts advertising new strains of OG kush and realizing that your number is saved in many dealers' phones

5. They run on drug dealer time. 

4. You're never sure what to save them in your phone as (Jim-nug, Ari-Weed, Michael-Yayo, Molly-Molly)

3. When they roll up to your apartment looking like a hobo on a scooter and you're worried your doorman thinks you're a prosititue or wose, have weird friends.

2. The fine line debate in your head over how annoying you can be about repeat-texting them and wanting shit now.

1. When they don't fucking answer. Like, you have one fucking job, that is to answer my texts immediately.


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