We Defined The 10 Sex Terms You're Too Embarrassed To Look Up Yourself

I’m not going to lie, the research for this article was pretty harrowing. But between Urban Dictionary, Wikipedia, and Googling “decoded rap lyrics,” I’ve now compiled a fairly exhaustive list of sex terms you should probs know but I sincerely hope you don’t use all that often. While we’ve already covered sex terms you’ve heard and didn’t want to ask about, this list is kind of like the darknet version of that. Good luck, let’s dive in.

1. Eiffel Tower/Spit Roast

These terms describe what sounds like a nightmare I’m not dirty enough to come up with, but I guess could be sexually satisfying if you’re into group sex/extreme stimulation. Specifically, two people equipped with dicks will use those dicks on a third party, who’s on all fours between them (typically a woman, but TBH I don’t see why it needs to be). The middle person will be fucked in their preferred hole on one end, while simultaneously sucking someone’s dick and mentally making a note to add “skilled at multi-tasking” to their resume. If the two men in this situation stare down at their feet, it’s called a “spit roast” or “pig roast,” while if they high five over the third person’s back it becomes an Eiffel Tower. If you don’t understand why, put yourself in the mind of a fuckboy and picture the shapes that these three people are making with their bodies. Get it? Good, and I’m sorry.

2. ATM

Once the initialism is broken down, it’s pretty self-explanatory: ass to mouth. A guy puts his dick into an ass and then into a mouth, and does not pass go does not collect 200 dollars does not put it anywhere in between, like a shower or a giant tub of hand sanitizer (actually, that would probably not be a better alternative pre-mouth). Either way, sounds like E. coli waiting to happen, and I’m confused by why either party would find this hot.


Again, not much to this one other than the letters involved: it means “fat upper pubic area,” and the Urban Dictionary definition delightfully clarifies that it is commonly MIS-translated as “fat upper pussy area.” AKA this is something that can affect both men and women easily (take that, patriarchy!), but still seems pretty mean if used to refer to any human. Honestly, seems a little less like a sex term and more like a body insecurity you didn’t know you needed. I guess its geographic relation to the body parts you use for sex makes it relevant.

4. Rusty Trombone

Like the Eiffel Tower and Spit Roast, someone looked at the flesh shapes here and came up with an eclectic, non-quotidian image that vaguely resembled it. I guess there’s a limit to creativity when naming these things, but I wish the terms sounded less like they’d been coined by disgruntled circus employees. Anyway, a rusty trombone is when a guy has his ass eaten (“tossing salad,” if you recall from our last sex-term roundup) while the same person jacks him off at the same time. Is this what a trombone being played looks like? IDK, and I’m certainly not Google image searching this shit (and speaking of shit, please don’t make me explain “rusty” to you), so let’s just go ahead and trust the perv who came up with this.

5. Felching

Ugh, this is so my least favorite so let’s just get it over with. Remember creampies? This is that, but with butts. Urban Dictionary maintains it could also refer to sucking semen out of any old orifice, but usually it’s a butt. Sometimes a straw is involved. I’m trying very hard to maintain low judgment with these terms, to each their sexual own and all that, but oh my god. JUDGMENT.

6. Facial/Pearl Necklace

Now that we’re past felching, the rest of these are really just babytown frolics. If you’ve watched enough Sex and the City, or really any mainstream TV, you should know what this is. Facial (not the spa kind) is when a guy cums on your face. Pearl necklace (not the jewelry kind) is when a guy comes on your chest with a kind of precision I’ve personally never witnessed, “drawing” a necklace on you with his cum. The names of these terms actually seem kind of worse than the others, because it seems like men are trying to trick women into doing them by naming them after things that women already like. Like “hey honey, do you want to get a facial today? And then BOOM. Obvs hope this has never happened, but we know all men are trash and writing this article has only made me more cynical. Sigh.

7. Snowballing/Cum Swapping

Referred to as a sex “game” on Urban Dictionary, this is when people pass cum from one of their mouths to another person’s mouth. It’s like the “suck/blow” game from Clueless, only the thing you’re both sucking and blowing is semen. More cum may be added in this process, because I guess there’s just a procession of men at various stages of reaching orgasm, hence a “snowball” effect. I’m sad. I’m so sad now.

8. Teabagging

Another weirdly image-based and fairly common term. Teabagging is when a guy dips his balls into your mouth. Like teabags into tea. You’ve probably done this, your friends have probably done this, and if you didn’t know it was called teabagging before there’s really no need to start calling it that now. This is just an excuse to turn beet red when your next relative offers you a cup of tea.

9. Turkey Slap/Mushroom Stamp

This act just seems like a weird further fetishization of dicks by their owners, but it involves a guy slapping someone across the face with an “erect or semi-erect” penis. I’m not even sure if it’s meant to be sexual or some display of power, but it’s definitely the most aptly-named term on this list, right?

10. Swaffelen

Turkey slapping is kind of a sub-category of Swaffelen, but I’m giving it its own entry because it was the Dutch word of the year in 2008 and that’s hilarious. It means “to hit one’s penis repeatedly against someone or something,” and it became the word of the year after a Dutch student was arrested for swaffling (verb form) against the Taj Mahal in India. Again, men are idiots who love their own dicks, and I need to go sob into a pillow now.

Will these words be integrated into daily descriptions of last night’s Hinge date? Dear God I hope not, but they do have their uses, mostly for knowing when guys are saying disgusting things around you and trying to get away with it by using weird code. Again, your sexual preferences are your own and no one’s business—but if you’re more Disney-Miley than twerk-Miley, seeing these terms in a potential cuff’s search history is a solid sign to run for the hills. Now get out there and scare all your friends at brunch by teaching them these terms.