10 Comfortable Heels That Aren't Super High

It’s a sad reality, but guys just aren’t as tall as they used to be. I’m a casual 5’7″, and I find that if I wear even slightly too tall of heels out, then I’m guaranteed to be taller than at least 85% of the guys. And, apparently, my observation is actually backed by fact—men in America used to be the 3rd tallest in the world and, as of 2016, have fallen to 37th. 37th?! That is not a casual drop. Of course, I’m not going to give up heels completely. I need heels to elongate my legs and put a little pep in my step. Besides, it’s not our fault that men are slacking. Just add it to the list of another reason why they suck. If I don’t want to pat all the guys at the bar on the head like they’re my sons (which sometimes I do, don’t get me wrong), I’ll opt for a shorter heel. The upside to shorter heels is that they tend to be more comfortable. So try these comfortable heels that aren’t super tall next time you want to actually be able to walk.

1. Flatforms

Flatforms are a summer staple and are the perfect option if you’re looking for comfortable heels that aren’t too high. Bonus, without a full-blown incline, they’re much easier to walk in than a wedge or a stiletto. In other words, you’re less likely to face plant on your boozy walk home from the bar later.

Steve Madden Platform Espadrille Sandal

Vince Weslan Criscross Flatform Sandals

2. Heeled Booties

Heeled booties are your most subtle option for adding height without adding too much height. They’re casual and they legit look good with everything. 

Jeffrey Campbell Cromwell Western Snake Bootie

Coach 1941 Leopard Lace Up Boot

3. Mules

Mules are easy, comfortable, and usually not obnoxiously high. Sure, some are extremely tall, but there are plenty of options that aren’t. Kinda like how most guys are assholes but there’s still a *rare* few that aren’t—not all mules are five inches high.  

Charlotte Stone Effie Strappy Mule Heel

Jeffrey Campbell Saltaire Pointy Toe Mule

4. Pointed Cone Heel

A pointed cone heel adds height in a chic, trendy and edgy way without looking like a straight-up kitten heel. Which… they kind of are. Don’t worry, though, these are the closest thing we’ll get to kitten heels on this list. Kitten heels didn’t make the cut because like, they never should. 

Splendid Nettie Boot

Pelle Moda Krista Cone Heel Sandal

5. Block Heel

The thick and chunky block heel is much easier to walk in than your classic stiletto. And, the summer sandal versions are rarely taller than three inches. Block heels are very stylish and are among the most comfortable heels you could buy. The thich heel helps you balance and offers a level of stability that most other heels do not. And, speaking for a friend who hasn’t had a boyfriend in three years, we could all use a bit more stability in our lives.

Jeffrey Campbell Maybelle Block Heel

Dolce Vita Dorah Sandal

So besides these comfortable heels, there’s also always kitten heels and platform sneakers. I’m forever going to give kitten heels a hard pass, sorry. But, hey, they’re “in” so if you want, go for it! Platform sneakers are cool too, but make sure you can pull them off. Like, know which Spice Girl you are in your platforms because, let’s face it, not everyone can be Posh.

Images: @seteales / Unsplash; Giphy; South Moon Under (2); Shopbop; Revolve (3); Nordstrom (2); Urban Outfitters; Free People
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Shannon McCormick
Shannon McCormick
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