10 Black Women-Owned Businesses To Shop Now

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In celebration of Women’s History Month, I wanted to put together a list of 10 amazing Black Women-Owned Businesses with exceptional products that promote inclusivity, are incredibly creative, and celebrate Black culture. Whether it be fashion inspired by Elizabeth Keckly, the personal dressmaker for Mary Todd Lincoln, hair care products inspired by Madam C.J. Walker, or sex toy lines, these business owners continue to carry on the legacy of Black women who were pioneers and broke barriers for future female entrepreneurs. Women have and will continue to make amazing contributions to entrepreneurship to be enjoyed by many.

The Nu Bamboo

Owned by one of my favorite Twitter users, Jusme Kamil (@earringdealer1), The Nu Bamboo sells what they call a modern twist on the classic bamboo earring. With several styles to choose from, including double braided neon earrings, bright-colored earrings, and metallic style earrings, you are sure to find the perfect earring for you or a loved one. The “Ari” earring, affectionately named after Ari Lennox, who wore the earring, is a show stopper. 

Ari Earring

Forvr Mood

Created by powerhouse influencer and entrepreneur Jackie Aina, Forvr Mood is a luxury candle brand sure to have your space smelling amazing. With different collections tailored to your vibe at the moment (sensual, spring, etc.), you’re sure to find the right candle for you. A personal favorite is the Matcha Business candle with hazelnut, coffee, lavender, and vanilla tones. 

Matcha Business candle

Alikay Naturals

Alikay Naturals, created by Rochelle Alikay, is a beauty and lifestyle brand known for its hair care products that ensure and promote hair growth and healthy hair. The Honey and Sage deep conditioner, one of their best sellers, is suited for those with dry or damaged hair. It contains babassu, sage, and extra virgin olive oil, perfect for those needing deep conditioning. 

Alkilay Naturals Honey & Sage Deep Conditioner

Honey and Sage Deep Conditioner 

Beauty Bakerie

Founded in 2011 by Cashmere Nicole, the Beauty Bakerie was created with the intention of having makeup products that were health conscious and good for our bodies. Beauty Bakerie makes great cosmetics, and trust me (I’ve asked friends) when I say their Lip Whips do not come off, in a good way. They also smell as good as they look and come in super cute packaging. In addition to the eyes, lips, and face products, they also just came out with skin care. Think moisturizer, glycolic facial peel cleanser, a coffee exfoliator, and chai tea toner.

Beauty Bakerie Lip Whip in cake d'ivoire

Lip Whip in Cake d’Ivoire


BCakeNY makes some seriously impressive cake designs, and is currently offering Women’s History Month cupcakes adorned with the faces of some v influential figures, like Michelle Obama and Frida Kahlo. Even if you don’t live in Brooklyn, you can get BCakeNY’s delicious cakes, cake jars, and customizable cookies shipped straight to you. What if I order one of everything…

BCakeNY Cake Jar Gift Box

Cake Jar Gift Box

Nina Parker Collection  

Known for her excellent hosting skills and killer fashion, television personality and journalist Nina Parker created her eponymous fashion line, promoting body inclusivity and unique styles. This collection embodies versatility from polished jumpsuits, high-waisted skinny jeans, and the perfect party dresses. The Mesh Midi dress is one of the best-sellers of the collection and is stunning. 

Trendy Plus Size Mesh Midi Dress

Bedroom Kandi 

If you know anything about Kandi Burruss, a hit songwriter, producer, and Real Housewife, then you know that she is a serial entrepreneur. One of her many endeavors is Bedroom Kandi, a sex toy line that embodies inclusivity and sexual liberation. From LGBTQ+ toys, sex toy collections curated by Black women, and a collection of sex education books, Kandi’s line is a good destination for those who want to know themselves more sexually. The Turbo-Waterproof Massager is perfect for those who want to enjoy themselves discreetly and, as described on their website, is the ideal “starter” vibe for those starting with vibrators. 

Turbo Waterproof Massager


EthereallPrincess is an Afrocentric sustainable fashion company specializing in jewelry, based in PG County, Maryland. Led by designers Tylair and Lailah, this jewelry company is perfect for those who want to explore different types of jewelry and other miscellaneous accessories. From crystal waistbeads to jade bracelets, there is something for everyone. The Crystal Bracelet Bundle comes with two bracelets ranging from Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, and Smoky Quartz. 

Crystal Bracelet Bundle

Heavenly Beauty ATL

Created by the hilarious and highly successful Dr. Heavenly Kimes from Married To Medicine, Heavenly Beauty Supply is a beauty and health business in Atlanta, Georgia. The store, which also ships online, offers a range of health and beauty products, from bundle wigs to white teeth whitening products and candles. The BYD Lace Lavy has an undetectable RHD lace and pre-tweezed hairline and sells for $39.99. It’s perfect for someone who wants to try an HD lace without breaking the bank. 

BYD Lace Lavy Wig

Kaleidoscope Hair Products 

Created by Jessica Harris-Dupart, Kaleidoscope Hair Products has absolutely everything you could wish for. This versatile and inclusive haircare brand is made for everyone, from hair care for kids to people with dry hair and hair loss. The Miracle Drops remove excessive build-up, stimulate the hair follicles, and add shine to the hair. 

Miracle Drops 

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