1 In 15 Kids At Texas High School Have Chlamydia

A high school in Texas has a huge chlamydia outbreak, and it's probably Tim Riggins' fault. The school has an abstinence focussed sex-ed policy, because that obvi works well – “don't have sex because you will get chlamydia and die.” The CDC finally alerted parents of these super slutty teenagers when they figured out that 1 in 15 high schoolers tested positive for chlamydia. That means that in a junior year history class at least two kids have chlamydia. Oops.

Apparently the school is now handing out free condoms and changing their sex-ed policies, so that their students aren't permanently affected by STDs. Prom night should be a fucking disaster.

Seriously this sounds like the plot for an episode of Friday Night Lights. Tami Taylor freaks the fuck out and makes Tyra get tested causing some classic mother-figure tension. Coach Taylor makes the whole football team get tested during practice, everybody makes fun of JD McCoy for being a virgin, and there's some super awkward moments between Coach Taylor, Matt Saracen, and Julie (with her awful flat across bangs). The episode ends with Tim telling Lyla that he tested negative.


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