Zoolander: Throwback Thursday

Zoolander is a timeless classic for every betch. I mean, with male models, subliminal messaging, and corrupt token Asian prime prime ministers, what's not to love? It's where we learned that it's okay to turn left, that your friends can too die in a freak gasoline fight accident, and of course that there's more to life than being really really ridiculously good looking, but not that much. But most importantly, we learned how a Zoolander quote can be used into almost any convo. Here's what we love about Zoolander.

He taught us (and Karen Smith) how to fake sick. Cough cough.

Even really really ridiculously good looking people can suffer existential crises.

Derek is clearly mad flexible. 

Even male models need #152 expensive skin shit.

Apparently being an architect is hard.

The only time it's acceptable to consume the calories in a Starbucks frappucino is literally as your last meal.

Beauty is pain.

Iced coffee or die!


Hansel still so hot right now.

Fuck Hansel, Derek Zoolander always makes a comeback.

There it is!


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