​Zooey Deschanel Out-Quirks Herself, Names Baby After Sea Otter

The Queen of Quirk is back. Dopey-eyed Zooey Deschanel went bat-shit quirky and named her child after a sea creature.

Her and husband Jacob Penchi made the announcement at the premiere of Rock the Kasbah. People Mag got the info from the couple as they fucking finished each others sentence, because they’re just so damn perfect. “‘It’s Elsie…’ Deschanel began, while Pechenik finished, ‘Otter. Like the animal,’ the actress explained, with her husband adding, ‘Sea otter!'”

So NOT a river otter. Thanks for the clarification, dude.

Okay can you not though? It was edgy enough of you to date and then marry King Emo himself (Ben Gibbard), but then then go and divorce his ass, marry a dude with a last name like Penchi and name your first daughter after a furry weasel of the sea is a whole other ballgame.

Welcome to the world, Elsie Otter Penchi. Elsie is a dope name that is forever ruined by being followed with the “name” Otter.



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