Zendaya is the Newest CoverGirl

Zendaya Coleman can’t even get drunk legally and yet she is one of the betchiest post-Disney celebs right now. I mean, the girl’s betchy enough to just go by Zendaya. Enough said.

Anyway, the talented actress and singer is now a model too– specifically, the newest CoverGirl. Last week, Zendaya Instagrammed a sneak peak of her CoverGirl campaign along with the caption, “Meet your newest, easy, breezy, beautiful… COVERGIRL.”

In a recent interview with Buzzfeed, CoverGirl stated, “Zendaya is redefining #goals for this generation and showing the world what it means to be a girl boss—smart, in control and unapologetically herself.”

Following in the footsteps of some of our fav CoverGirls like TSwift, Sofía Vergara, and even Ellen Degenerous, Zendaya is clearly qualified to step up to the plate. With her 5”10 bod, flawless skin, and the confidence to publically force a magazine to untouch the edits on her photoshoot, Zendaya might be one of the most badass CoverGirls yet. Easy, breezy, betchy.


Meet your newest, easy…breezy beautiful…COVERGIRL Follow @covergirl for more

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