Zayn Malik Got A Damn Face Tattoo

Zayn Malik’s first solo album comes out later this month, but apparently he’s still figuring out how to function without his One Direction publicity team. The other day, Zayn unveiled his newest tattoo, and it’s on his fucking face. It’s a nice little promo tool for his album Mind of Mine, as the ink shows some sort of bird holding a scroll that says “M.O.M.” It’s unclear what Zayn was thinking, because the tattoo looks ridiculous. The only person who can actually pull off a face tattoo is probably Lil Wayne, and we’re pretty sure he got those in prison.

Understandably, Zayn has gotten lots of criticism on the tat, including from celebrity tattoo artist Kevin Paul, who has done some of Zayn’s ink in the past: “The placement is really bad, considering he doesn’t have any other tattoos on his head. I think he’ll end up regretting it and it would be hard to cover up without making the new design a lot bigger and darker.” Kevin Paul makes a good point, but the tattoo is also a bad decision because it’s a FUCKING FACE TATTOO. Zayn, do better.


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