Zac Efron’s Blond Now, Can’t Tell If He’s Still Hot

Like every other celebrity this month, Zac Efron has gone blond. He debuted the new look on his Instagram, where he just so happened to pose for the camera with this unsuspecting child. (I think he’s volunteering or doing something charitable?)

It’s honestly so difficult to understand if he’s still hot. His face is still his face, like, that didn’t change, but those tips? Really bumming me out. Maybe he should have just gone full on Bieber and bleached everything? I really don’t know. I feel so fucking lost. A lot like this:

Is it for a movie role? How much product does he have in there? Is it for a new change of pace? Is it in an effort to “lighten up” both literally and emotionally? Sup with the tendril that curls ever so slightly? Am I still aroused by his presence?



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