Science Proves Fall Is The Best Season For Acting Like A Ho

It’s no secret that fall is a super betchy season. PSLs are delicious, the clothes are gorg, it stops being fucking 2,000 degrees so you can step outside without looking like you just finished a goddamn spin class, and like a million other things. But now there’s another betchy quality to make autumn your fave season: Apparently you’re more likely to get laid during the fall. Well that’s the best news I’ve gotten all week.


I’m actually kinda surprised by this. I literally run around half naked all damn summer and you’re telling me now that I’m all bundled up, shit’s about to down? That seems ass backwards if ya ask me, but whatever. Some researchers did a study and found out a bunch of science-y, unsexy shit about saliva (well that’s officially the world’s grossest word) and testosterone levels and how it affects you being turned on. Tbh, I didn’t really understand it because I was a journalism major, not fucking Bill Nye, but if it means more sex in the next couple months, I’m all for it.

Am I a hoe


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