Your Selfies Aren’t As Cute As You Think, Says Study

It’s prom and graduation season, so odds are you’ve seen enough selfies to last you until Halloween. But it turns out that nobody likes selfies—I guess our moms were right about something.

Scientists at the University of Toronto had people rate selfies and solo shots of both themselves and other people. The idea was to compare how people think about their own photos to how they think of other people’s photos. Unsurprisingly, people rated their own selfies way higher than other people rated them. The study should’ve been titled “So you agree, you think you’re really pretty?” But the weird part isn’t that nobody was impressed by other people’s selfies, but that solo shots were rated higher than selfies. Participants “thought people looked better, seemed more likable, and came off less narcissistic.”

So you might think you look fugly in your tagged photos compared to Instagram selfies, but you’re probably wrong. Unless it’s just a really bad pic, then you should still immediately untag yourself.


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