WTF is YouNow?

Remember Chatroulette? Well imagine it in app form and now imagine that it’s no longer anonymous. Now add millions of teenagers to that equation and you have YouNow. Maybe you’ve heard of it, but you probably haven’t, since you’re not in high school and you actually go out.

Apparently this one year old app just got a $15 million dollar investment funding and is creating teenage reality stars overnight. It’s an app that lets you broadcast live streams to millions of users of you doing nothing in particular. So, like Snapchat if Snapchat lasted for hours and if you Snapchatted yourself sleeping.

Literally, there’s a hashtag that exists called #sleepingsquad which is just users broadcasting themselves sleeping. Sure, we get that nobody likes to sleep alone, but sleeping with thousands of people watching you is just bat shit. 

So isn’t this just like Periscope? Basically if Periscope were Livejournal, YouNow would be Tumblr. Everyone’s a broadcaster and they call their fans “fam” because of course they do.  In any case, the app has created stars that you literally have never heard of, and probably won’t. It’s only important because sooner or later, these teenagers are going to be adults that will have to interact with us outside of their childhood bedrooms.

The idea of anything being this popular obvs peaks our mild interest, but the idea of watching somebody else’s life sounds boring to us. We’re already the most interesting thing in our lives, so what would be the point?


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