You Won’t Believe How Much Jon Gosselin Gets Paid To DJ

If you're behind on your Gosselin Gossip, I forgive you, but here's a quick recap: Jon is now a DJ because of course, and his first gig was at a bowling alley in Jersey where there were literally like two people watching. Let that sink in for a sec. Well, apparently one of them liked what they saw, because now Jon is getting paid $20,000 for a one hour set at Harrah's in Atlantic City.

I'm not arguing that Harrah's in Atlantic City is the most glamorous place in the world, but still like big fucking upgrade from Brewster's Bowling Alley. Now it's probably only a matter of time before Jon and Paris Hilton do a joint set at Ultra or something, and then they'll start hooking up. There's a special place in hell for celebrity DJs, and Jon Gosselin will fit right in.




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